The Carl Barks Library
Publication information
PublisherAnother Rainbow
GenreFunny animals
Publication date1983 – 1990
No. of issues10 sets of 3 volumes each
Main character(s)Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey & Louie, Gyro Gearloose, Gladstone Gander
Creative team
Written byCarl Barks
Artist(s)Carl Barks
Inker(s)Carl Barks

The Carl Barks Library (CBL) is a series of 30 large hardcover books reprinting all of the Disney comics stories and covers written and/or drawn by Carl Barks. Stories that were modified in the original publication, sometimes for production reasons and sometimes due to excessive editing, were restored in CBL to Barks' original intent.[1] The books are collected in ten slipcase volumes with three books in each, a total of about 7,400 pages. The volumes were published from 1983 to 1990 in the United States by Another Rainbow Publishing[2] under license from The Walt Disney Company. The comics were printed (with a few exceptions) in black and white. In addition to the comics, there are numerous articles with background information.

Volume sets

Set Publication Date Contents Story Date
I July 1984 Four Color Donald Duck 9-223 October 1942 – April 1949
II November 1986 Four Color Donald Duck 238–422 and Donald Duck 26–138 August 1949 – July 1971
III December 1984 Four Color Uncle Scrooge 386–495 and Uncle Scrooge 3–20 March 1952 – February 1958
IV November 1985 Uncle Scrooge 21–43 and The Lemonade Fling March 1958 – July 1963
V April 1989 Uncle Scrooge 44–71 and The Christmas Carol August 1963 – October 1967
VI May 1990 Giveaways, Annuals and Miscellaneous Issues 1947 – May 1961
VII March 1988 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 31–94 and Large Feature Comics #7 April 1943 – July 1948
VIII August 1983 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 95–166 August 1948 – July 1954
IX June 1985 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 167–229 August 1954 – October 1959
X August 1990 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 230–312 and an Index November 1959 – September 1966


Gladstone Publishing (a subsidiary of Another Rainbow) published a full-color version, The Carl Barks Library in Color, in a series of 141 comic book albums between 1992 and 1998.

Fantagraphics Books is currently collecting all of Barks' work as a hardcover collection, The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library.

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