Walwan Dam
Walwan Dam is located in Maharashtra
Walwan Dam
Location of Walwan Dam in Maharashtra
Official nameWalwan Dam
Coordinates18°46′18″N 73°25′38″E / 18.771761°N 73.4271854°E / 18.771761; 73.4271854
Opening date1916
Owner(s)Tata Power, India
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsIndrayani river
Height26.36 m (86.5 ft)
Length1,356 m (4,449 ft)
Dam volume182,000 m3 (6,400,000 cu ft)
Total capacity72,122,000 m3 (2.5470×109 cu ft)
Surface area142,500 m2 (1,534,000 sq ft)

Walwan Dam, (or Valvan Dam) is a gravity dam on the Indrayani river near Lonavla, Pune district in State of Maharashtra in India. It provides water to the nearby Khopoli Power Plant and to residents of Lonavla and Khandala and neighborhood villages.


The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 26.36 m (86.5 ft) while the length is 1,356 m (4,449 ft). The volume content is 182,000 m3 (6,400,000 cu ft) and gross storage capacity is 72,500,000.00 m3 (2.560313337×109 cu ft).[1]


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