The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the miscellaneous page below. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the page's talk page or in a deletion review). No further edits should be made to this page.

The result of the discussion was: delete . No prejudice against creating properly curated portals. — JJMC89(T·C) 17:14, 14 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Mass-created portals based on a single navbox[edit]

Single navbox portals: Nominator's rationale[edit]

Every one of the 1,426 1,390 2,698 1,390 portals included in this mass nomination is a mass creation based on a single navbox. That is, their list of selected articles (using ((Transclude list item excerpts as random slideshow))) is drawn solely from a single navbox. For example, Portal:Football in Jordan is based solely on Template:Football in Jordan.

This makes each of these portals merely a fork of the navbox, with much less utility than the navbox because:

The topic's main page works much better as a navigational hub, because it includes:

I propose deleting all these portals in one go because,

  1. Being each built on a single navbox, they add no navigational utility, and are an inferior fork of another navigational tool
  2. Portals are not content; they are merely a means of navigating between content. So their mass deletion removes precisely zero encyclopedic content.
  3. The pages were rapidly mass-created. They were all created by the topic-banned portalspammer @The Transhumanist, who describes the creation process as taking betwen one and two minutes per portal (Have you tried creating 500 portals? It is rather repetitious/tedious/time-consuming (from 500 to 1000 minutes)). It would be a severe waste of the community's time to spend more collective time assessing each of them individually than was spent on their creation.

Some of these portals cover narrow topics which should never have a portal. Others cover broad topics which might be capable of supporting a thoughtfully-designed and properly-curated portal which used a selected article list extending way beyond the navbox. So I propose that these pages be deleted without prejudice to recreating a curated portal not based on a single navbox, in accordance with whatever criteria the community may have agreed at that time. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 17:13, 7 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Single navbox portals: List[edit]

These portals were selected by screen-scraping the first four most recent pages of @The Transhumanist's page creations in portalspace, taking 500 pages at a time. I then processed that list of 2000 pages in AWB, removing duplicates, then excluding redirects and pages already tagged for an MFD discussion. I then used an AWB Custom module to exclude portals which were not based on a single template. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 17:13, 7 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Update. Following a comment below by @Northamerica1000, I realised that I had not run an explicit check for portals which had been converted not to use the automated format. I just ran that check, and found 36 portals which should not have been included in this nomination. I have removed them from the list of nominated pages, and will untag them. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 22:02, 7 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
1,390 portals for deletion
  1. Portal:Polar exploration
  2. Portal:Politics of Sudan
  3. Portal:Politics of São Tomé and Príncipe
  4. Portal:Politics of Tanzania
  5. Portal:Politics of Togo
  6. Portal:Politics of Tunisia
  7. Portal:Politics of Uganda
  8. Portal:Politics of the Republic of the Congo
  9. Portal:Politics of Cameroon
  10. Portal:Western dress codes
  11. Portal:Wildlife of India
  12. Portal:Wildlife of Nepal
  13. Portal:Winter War
  14. Portal:Finnish Defence Forces
  15. Portal:Yoruba people
  16. Portal:World economy
  17. Portal:Arianism
  18. Portal:Antimatter
  19. Portal:Ancient Roman religion
  20. Portal:Ancient Near East mythology
  21. Portal:Alevism
  22. Portal:Albanian Civil War
  23. Portal:Politics of Cambodia
  24. Portal:Politics of Burundi
  25. Portal:Politics of Burkina Faso
  26. Portal:Politics of Bulgaria
  27. Portal:Politics of Brunei
  28. Portal:Politics of Brazil
  29. Portal:Politics of Botswana
  30. Portal:Politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  31. Portal:Politics of Bhutan
  32. Portal:Politics of Benin
  33. Portal:Politics of Belize
  34. Portal:Politics of Belgium
  35. Portal:Politics of Belarus
  36. Portal:Politics of Bavaria
  37. Portal:Politics of Bangladesh
  38. Portal:Politics of Bahrain
  39. Portal:Politics of Artsakh
  40. Portal:Politics of Argentina
  41. Portal:Politics of Antigua and Barbuda
  42. Portal:Politics of Angola
  43. Portal:Politics of Andorra
  44. Portal:Politics of Algeria
  45. Portal:Politics of Albania
  46. Portal:Politics of Afghanistan
  47. Portal:Politics of Abkhazia
  48. Portal:World Rally Championship
  49. Portal:Worcestershire
  50. Portal:West Flanders
  51. Portal:Tamil language
  52. Portal:Terry Brooks
  53. Portal:Semiotics
  54. Portal:Saxophones
  55. Portal:Rutland
  56. Portal:Nobility
  57. Portal:Royal Canadian Air Force
  58. Portal:Ricky Martin
  59. Portal:Ras Al Khaimah
  60. Portal:World Ocean
  61. Portal:North Queensland
  62. Portal:Nordic countries
  63. Portal:National Rugby League
  64. Portal:Music of the United States
  65. Portal:Music of Serbia
  66. Portal:Midnight Oil
  67. Portal:Maithripala Sirisena
  68. Portal:Liguria
  69. Portal:Liège
  70. Portal:Leicestershire
  71. Portal:Lehigh Valley
  72. Portal:Jordin Sparks
  73. Portal:World views
  74. Portal:Communication studies
  75. Portal:Hotels
  76. Portal:Germanic languages
  77. Portal:Football in Jordan
  78. Portal:Football in Croatia
  79. Portal:International field hockey
  80. Portal:Environmental technology
  81. Portal:Ehime
  82. Portal:Dyslexia
  83. Portal:Cryptozoology
  84. Portal:Conservatism in the United States
  85. Portal:Cognitive psychology
  86. Portal:Cambridgeshire
  87. Portal:Bonnie Tyler
  88. Portal:Arameans
  89. Portal:All in the Family
  90. Portal:Space: 1999
  91. Portal:Mission: Impossible
  92. Portal:Music of Micronesia
  93. Portal:Music of Pakistan
  94. Portal:Music of Latin America
  95. Portal:Central American music
  96. Portal:Indigenous music of North America
  97. Portal:Music of North Africa
  98. Portal:Modernism (music)
  99. Portal:Neoclassicism (music)
  100. Portal:Techno
  101. Portal:Welsh folk music
  102. Portal:Swedish folk music
  103. Portal:Soul music
  104. Portal:Soca music
  105. Portal:Ska
  106. Portal:Pop rock
  107. Portal:Norwegian folk music
  108. Portal:Music of the Philippines
  109. Portal:Music of Italy
  110. Portal:Music genres
  111. Portal:Iranian music
  112. Portal:Hungarian folk music
  113. Portal:House music
  114. Portal:Gamelan
  115. Portal:Funk
  116. Portal:Finnish folk music
  117. Portal:English folk music
  118. Portal:Easy listening
  119. Portal:Danish folk music
  120. Portal:Disco
  121. Portal:Celtic music
  122. Portal:Calypso music
  123. Portal:Bluegrass music
  124. Portal:Music of Korea
  125. Portal:Music of Japan
  126. Portal:Moheener Ghoraguli
  127. Portal:Minnesota Kicks
  128. Portal:Microtonal music
  129. Portal:Miami FC
  130. Portal:Microblogging
  131. Portal:Macedonian language
  132. Portal:Mangoes
  133. Portal:Los Angeles Wolves
  134. Portal:Larry Kramer
  135. Portal:Los Angeles Aztecs
  136. Portal:Kannur
  137. Portal:Veterinary medicine
  138. Portal:Mutations
  139. Portal:Menstrual cycle
  140. Portal:Zhejiang
  141. Portal:Pahang
  142. Portal:Nissan
  143. Portal:Ningxia
  144. Portal:Nike, Inc.
  145. Portal:Negeri Sembilan
  146. Portal:National University of Singapore
  147. Portal:Monash University
  148. Portal:Liaoning
  149. Portal:Kelantan
  150. Portal:Kedah
  151. Portal:JYP Entertainment
  152. Portal:Jilin
  153. Portal:Jiangxi
  154. Portal:YG Entertainment
  155. Portal:Walgreens
  156. Portal:Volvo Buses
  157. Portal:Uber
  158. Portal:SM Entertainment
  159. Portal:Shanxi
  160. Portal:Qinghai
  161. Portal:Blue cheeses
  162. Portal:Henan
  163. Portal:Heilongjiang
  164. Portal:Hebei
  165. Portal:Guizhou
  166. Portal:Gansu
  167. Portal:Flanders
  168. Portal:Duke University
  169. Portal:Anhui
  170. Portal:AFC Asian Cup
  171. Portal:Adidas
  172. Portal:Guangxi
  173. Portal:Bicycles
  174. Portal:Quantum mechanics
  175. Portal:Temperature
  176. Portal:Fujian
  177. Portal:Labuan
  178. Portal:Japanese language
  179. Portal:Politics of Ukraine
  180. Portal:Johor
  181. Portal:Greek mathematics
  182. Portal:Lunar eclipses
  183. Portal:John Fogerty
  184. Portal:Academic publishing
  185. Portal:Narratives
  186. Portal:Literary composition
  187. Portal:Data
  188. Portal:Data warehouses
  189. Portal:Email clients
  190. Portal:Wikis
  191. Portal:Modulation
  192. Portal:Web syndication
  193. Portal:Spaceports
  194. Portal:Space suits
  195. Portal:Saturn rockets
  196. Portal:Merchant ships
  197. Portal:Hyundai Motor Company
  198. Portal:Suzuki
  199. Portal:Toyota
  200. Portal:Volkswagen
  201. Portal:Warships
  202. Portal:Fractions and ratios
  203. Portal:Applied mathematics
  204. Portal:Information theory
  205. Portal:Game theory
  206. Portal:Mathematical optimization
  207. Portal:Differential equations
  208. Portal:Irrational numbers
  209. Portal:Functional analysis
  210. Portal:Integrals
  211. Portal:Infinity
  212. Portal:Knot theory
  213. Portal:Probability distributions
  214. Portal:African Great Lakes
  215. Portal:Dream of the Red Chamber
  216. Portal:One Thousand and One Nights
  217. Portal:Hamlet
  218. Portal:German literature
  219. Portal:Turkish literature
  220. Portal:Persian literature
  221. Portal:Indian literature
  222. Portal:Arabic literature
  223. Portal:Sistine Chapel
  224. Portal:Moscow Kremlin
  225. Portal:Acropolis of Athens
  226. Portal:Shaanxi
  227. Portal:World Trade Center
  228. Portal:Honiara
  229. Portal:Conservative Judaism
  230. Portal:Orthodox Judaism
  231. Portal:Ten Commandments
  232. Portal:Magic (illusion)
  233. Portal:Circus skills
  234. Portal:Rhythm and blues
  235. Portal:Harmony
  236. Portal:Melody
  237. Portal:Twelve-tone technique
  238. Portal:Musical form
  239. Portal:Music theory
  240. Portal:Algiers
  241. Portal:Addis Ababa
  242. Portal:2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
  243. Portal:2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami
  244. Portal:Skopje
  245. Portal:Valletta
  246. Portal:Ljubljana
  247. Portal:Dili
  248. Portal:Franz Josef Land
  249. Portal:Praia
  250. Portal:Valparaíso
  251. Portal:Queen Elizabeth Islands
  252. Portal:Torres Strait
  253. Portal:Unification of Germany
  254. Portal:The Troubles
  255. Portal:Spanish Civil War
  256. Portal:Berlin Wall
  257. Portal:Population transfer in the Soviet Union
  258. Portal:Yugoslavia
  259. Portal:Eastern Bloc
  260. Portal:Prague Spring
  261. Portal:Holodomor
  262. Portal:Greek War of Independence
  263. Portal:Chernobyl disaster
  264. Portal:Balkan Wars
  265. Portal:Revolutions of 1848
  266. Portal:Indonesian National Revolution
  267. Portal:2010 Haiti earthquake
  268. Portal:History of Ghana
  269. Portal:History of Ethiopia
  270. Portal:History of the Americas
  271. Portal:History of Christianity
  272. Portal:Jewish history
  273. Portal:History of literature
  274. Portal:History of architecture
  275. Portal:History of medicine
  276. Portal:History of economic thought
  277. Portal:History of geography
  278. Portal:History of biology
  279. Portal:History of aviation
  280. Portal:Civilization (series)
  281. Portal:The Three Musketeers
  282. Portal:Tarzan
  283. Portal:The Cat in the Hat
  284. Portal:Snow White
  285. Portal:Roland Corporation
  286. Portal:Peter Pan
  287. Portal:Medea
  288. Portal:Ganymede (moon)
  289. Portal:Europa (moon)
  290. Portal:Electra
  291. Portal:Hansel and Gretel
  292. Portal:Beowulf
  293. Portal:Rafael Nadal
  294. Portal:Roger Federer
  295. Portal:Ayrton Senna
  296. Portal:Nadia Comăneci
  297. Portal:Guru Gobind Singh
  298. Portal:Swami Vivekananda
  299. Portal:Ramakrishna
  300. Portal:Sri Aurobindo
  301. Portal:Japanese Buddhism
  302. Portal:Chinese Buddhism
  303. Portal:14th Dalai Lama
  304. Portal:Gautama Buddha
  305. Portal:Eugène Ionesco
  306. Portal:Knut Hamsun
  307. Portal:Federico García Lorca
  308. Portal:Gustave Flaubert
  309. Portal:Ivan Turgenev
  310. Portal:Ivan Bunin
  311. Portal:Lu Xun
  312. Portal:Orhan Pamuk
  313. Portal:The Tonight Show
  314. Portal:Public policy
  315. Portal:Paleolithic
  316. Portal:The Holocaust
  317. Portal:History of the European Union
  318. Portal:Turkish War of Independence
  319. Portal:Israeli–Palestinian conflict
  320. Portal:Iraq War
  321. Portal:Iranian Revolution
  322. Portal:Gulf War
  323. Portal:Armenian Genocide
  324. Portal:Khmer Rouge
  325. Portal:Philippine Revolution
  326. Portal:French Indochina
  327. Portal:Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
  328. Portal:Cultural Revolution
  329. Portal:New Deal
  330. Portal:War of the Pacific
  331. Portal:Mexican Revolution
  332. Portal:Haitian Revolution
  333. Portal:Rwandan genocide
  334. Portal:New Imperialism
  335. Portal:Cossacks
  336. Portal:Sikh Empire
  337. Portal:Maratha Empire
  338. Portal:Joseon dynasty
  339. Portal:Spanish colonization of the Americas
  340. Portal:Knights Templar
  341. Portal:Hundred Years' War
  342. Portal:House of Plantagenet
  343. Portal:Wars of the Roses
  344. Portal:Norman conquest of England
  345. Portal:House of Normandy
  346. Portal:Crusader states
  347. Portal:Göktürks
  348. Portal:Pompeii
  349. Portal:Ugarit
  350. Portal:Trojan War
  351. Portal:Indus Valley Civilization
  352. Portal:Parthian Empire
  353. Portal:Punic Wars
  354. Portal:Valley of the Kings
  355. Portal:Art history
  356. Portal:Banjo
  357. Portal:Minimal music
  358. Portal:Romantic music
  359. Portal:Impressionist music
  360. Portal:Baroque music
  361. Portal:Renaissance music
  362. Portal:Medieval music
  363. Portal:Ursula K. Le Guin
  364. Portal:Antennas
  365. Portal:Amino acids
  366. Portal:Academic degrees
  367. Portal:Medications
  368. Portal:Communication
  369. Portal:Anthrax (American band)
  370. Portal:International Council for Science
  371. Portal:Tuberculosis
  372. Portal:Voting
  373. Portal:Tobacco
  374. Portal:Sales
  375. Portal:Rowing
  376. Portal:Rhythm
  377. Portal:Radiation
  378. Portal:Racing
  379. Portal:Parties
  380. Portal:Gemstones
  381. Portal:Chemical synthesis
  382. Portal:Charity
  383. Portal:Neoplasms
  384. Portal:Mood disorders
  385. Portal:Antimony
  386. Portal:Aluminium
  387. Portal:Development of the human body
  388. Portal:Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  389. Portal:Multihulls
  390. Portal:Launch vehicles
  391. Portal:Bags
  392. Portal:Ores
  393. Portal:Electronic components
  394. Portal:File systems
  395. Portal:Embedded systems
  396. Portal:Organ transplantation
  397. Portal:Rodenticides
  398. Portal:Military deception
  399. Portal:Psychological manipulation
  400. Portal:Media culture
  401. Portal:Media manipulation
  402. Portal:Revolutions
  403. Portal:Protests
  404. Portal:Mixed reality
  405. Portal:Moscow Metro
  406. Portal:Milan Metro
  407. Portal:MacOS
  408. Portal:Malware
  409. Portal:MTR
  410. Portal:Washington Metro
  411. Portal:RAID
  412. Portal:MPEG
  413. Portal:GLONASS
  414. Portal:Copenhagen Metro
  415. Portal:Cairo Metro
  416. Portal:Busan Metro
  417. Portal:Budapest Metro
  418. Portal:Beijing Subway
  419. Portal:Bay Area Rapid Transit
  420. Portal:Concurrent computing
  421. Portal:Antivirus software
  422. Portal:USB
  423. Portal:SpaceX
  424. Portal:SQL
  425. Portal:Private transport
  426. Portal:Perl
  427. Portal:Natural language processing
  428. Portal:IPv6
  429. Portal:Geotechnical engineering
  430. Portal:Data mining
  431. Portal:File sharing
  432. Portal:Eurostar
  433. Portal:C++
  434. Portal:Blue Origin
  435. Portal:Plant nutrition
  436. Portal:Weaving
  437. Portal:Shinkansen
  438. Portal:Honey bees
  439. Portal:Web browsers
  440. Portal:Websites
  441. Portal:Tents
  442. Portal:Systems
  443. Portal:Submarines
  444. Portal:Roofs
  445. Portal:Rocket engines
  446. Portal:Programming paradigms
  447. Portal:Programming languages
  448. Portal:Ports and harbors
  449. Portal:Pesticides
  450. Portal:Nuclear weapons
  451. Portal:Helmets
  452. Portal:Helicopters
  453. Portal:Fibers
  454. Portal:Databases
  455. Portal:Containers
  456. Portal:Computer files
  457. Portal:Woodworking
  458. Portal:Silk
  459. Portal:Shipbuilding
  460. Portal:Roscosmos
  461. Portal:Recycling
  462. Portal:Porcelain
  463. Portal:Quilting
  464. Portal:Permaculture
  465. Portal:Metalworking
  466. Portal:Laundry
  467. Portal:JavaScript
  468. Portal:Glass
  469. Portal:International Space Station
  470. Portal:IOS
  471. Portal:HVAC
  472. Portal:Hubble Space Telescope
  473. Portal:Geothermal power
  474. Portal:Embroidery
  475. Portal:Desalination
  476. Portal:Character encoding
  477. Portal:Contract bridge
  478. Portal:Data storage
  479. Portal:Crochet
  480. Portal:Chemical engineering
  481. Portal:Automation
  482. Portal:Air traffic control
  483. Portal:Public housing in the United Kingdom
  484. Portal:Street newspapers
  485. Portal:Tortoises
  486. Portal:Public transport in Istanbul
  487. Portal:Public transport in Helsinki
  488. Portal:Transport in Glasgow
  489. Portal:Transport in Edinburgh
  490. Portal:Transport in China
  491. Portal:Transport in Chennai
  492. Portal:Transport in Cardiff
  493. Portal:Transport in Buckinghamshire
  494. Portal:Transport in Bucharest
  495. Portal:Transport in Bristol
  496. Portal:Transport in Belgium
  497. Portal:Transport in Barcelona
  498. Portal:Transport in Afghanistan
  499. Portal:Transport in Warsaw
  500. Portal:Transport in Vietnam
  501. Portal:Transport in Tiruchirappalli
  502. Portal:Transport in Tamil Nadu
  503. Portal:Transport in Somerset
  504. Portal:Transport in London
  505. Portal:Transport in Kiev
  506. Portal:Transport in Israel
  507. Portal:Transport in Ireland
  508. Portal:Transport in India
  509. Portal:Transport in Hong Kong
  510. Portal:Transport in Guyana
  511. Portal:Khuzestan Province
  512. Portal:Women's prisons in the United States
  513. Portal:Pueblos
  514. Portal:Rail transport in Singapore
  515. Portal:Rail transport in the United Arab Emirates
  516. Portal:Rail transport in Thailand
  517. Portal:Rail transport in Sri Lanka
  518. Portal:Rail transport in Spain
  519. Portal:Rail transport in Norway
  520. Portal:Rail transport in Malaysia
  521. Portal:Rail transport in Israel
  522. Portal:Rail transport in Germany
  523. Portal:Rail transport in Finland
  524. Portal:Rail transport in Argentina
  525. Portal:Culture of West Bengal
  526. Portal:Culture of Somalia
  527. Portal:Culture of Kerala
  528. Portal:Culture of Djibouti
  529. Portal:Culture of Cornwall
  530. Portal:Culture of Bengal
  531. Portal:Culture of Belgium
  532. Portal:Culture of Belarus
  533. Portal:Culture of Bangladesh
  534. Portal:Culture of Bahrain
  535. Portal:Culture of Azerbaijan
  536. Portal:Culture of Australia
  537. Portal:Culture of Assam
  538. Portal:Culture of Armenia
  539. Portal:Culture of Argentina
  540. Portal:Culture of Albania
  541. Portal:Religion in Zimbabwe
  542. Portal:Religion in Thailand
  543. Portal:Religion in Sweden
  544. Portal:Religion in South Africa
  545. Portal:Religion in Romania
  546. Portal:Religion in Poland
  547. Portal:Religion in Pakistan
  548. Portal:Religion in Norway
  549. Portal:Religion in Myanmar
  550. Portal:Religion in Mozambique
  551. Portal:Religion in Mexico
  552. Portal:Religion in Israel
  553. Portal:Religion in Iran
  554. Portal:Religion in China
  555. Portal:Culture of England
  556. Portal:Religion in Turkey
  557. Portal:Religion in Egypt
  558. Portal:Military aircraft
  559. Portal:Music of Scotland
  560. Portal:Prehistoric Scotland
  561. Portal:Religion in Scotland
  562. Portal:Gaels
  563. Portal:Scottish clans
  564. Portal:Scottish art
  565. Portal:Art movements
  566. Portal:Canadian art
  567. Portal:Alice Paul
  568. Portal:Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  569. Portal:Hall of Fame for Great Americans
  570. Portal:Vijayawada
  571. Portal:Pune
  572. Portal:Allahabad
  573. Portal:Nuts
  574. Portal:Peanuts (comic strip)
  575. Portal:Asturias
  576. Portal:Galicia (Spain)
  577. Portal:Valencian Community
  578. Portal:Community of Madrid
  579. Portal:Andalusia
  580. Portal:Jammu and Kashmir
  581. Portal:Northern Cyprus
  582. Portal:South Ossetia
  583. Portal:Republic of Artsakh
  584. Portal:Transnistria
  585. Portal:Prostitution
  586. Portal:Basalt
  587. Portal:P. T. Barnum
  588. Portal:Arachnids
  589. Portal:AstraZeneca
  590. Portal:Asus
  591. Portal:Asanas
  592. Portal:Hymenoptera
  593. Portal:Arvicolinae
  594. Portal:Bats
  595. Portal:Even-toed ungulates
  596. Portal:Aztecs
  597. Portal:Aquifers
  598. Portal:Antifungals
  599. Portal:Antidotes
  600. Portal:Animax
  601. Portal:Alveolata
  602. Portal:Allium
  603. Portal:Akon
  604. Portal:Aichi
  605. Portal:Afrosoricida
  606. Portal:Aesop
  607. Portal:Aerobatics
  608. Portal:Activision
  609. Portal:Actinopterygii
  610. Portal:Actas
  611. Portal:Acari
  612. Portal:Absinthe
  613. Portal:Library classification systems
  614. Portal:World Chess Championships
  615. Portal:United States Armed Forces
  616. Portal:Manhattan Project
  617. Portal:Simple living
  618. Portal:Deforestation and desertification
  619. Portal:Conservation biology
  620. Portal:Biodiversity of Colombia
  621. Portal:Ancient Greek philosophy
  622. Portal:Biomes
  623. Portal:Bullying
  624. Portal:Pre-Columbian era
  625. Portal:Emmy Awards
  626. Portal:Physiology
  627. Portal:Stem cells
  628. Portal:Climate
  629. Portal:Orthoptera
  630. Portal:Kingdom of England
  631. Portal:Natural resources
  632. Portal:Ponds
  633. Portal:Aquatic ecosystems
  634. Portal:Nature
  635. Portal:International System of Units
  636. Portal:Systems of measurement
  637. Portal:Republican Party (United States)
  638. Portal:Democratic Party (United States)
  639. Portal:The West Wing
  640. Portal:White House
  641. Portal:Presidents of the United States
  642. Portal:Blade (comics)
  643. Portal:Marvel Entertainment
  644. Portal:Pope Francis
  645. Portal:Santiago, Cape Verde
  646. Portal:Marvel Comics
  647. Portal:Mixed martial arts
  648. Portal:Software engineering
  649. Portal:Ancient Mesopotamia
  650. Portal:Green politics
  651. Portal:Political ideologies
  652. Portal:Disinformation
  653. Portal:Bangladesh Premier League
  654. Portal:Angry Birds
  655. Portal:Al-Qaeda
  656. Portal:Irreligion
  657. Portal:Heart
  658. Portal:Federal Reserve
  659. Portal:American Civil Liberties Union
  660. Portal:Facebook
  661. Portal:English criminal law
  662. Portal:Stoicism
  663. Portal:Postmodernism
  664. Portal:Optical illusions
  665. Portal:Mental processes
  666. Portal:Philosophy of language
  667. Portal:Mathematical logic
  668. Portal:Jurisprudence
  669. Portal:Jain philosophy
  670. Portal:Islamic philosophy
  671. Portal:Philosophy of mind
  672. Portal:Digital humanities
  673. Portal:Continental philosophy
  674. Portal:Biases
  675. Portal:Advaita
  676. Portal:Punisher
  677. Portal:Luke Cage
  678. Portal:Captain America
  679. Portal:Black Widow (Marvel Comics)
  680. Portal:Nick Fury
  681. Portal:Wolverine
  682. Portal:Thor (Marvel Comics)
  683. Portal:Spider-Man
  684. Portal:Easter
  685. Portal:Prehistory
  686. Portal:River morphology
  687. Portal:Coastal geography
  688. Portal:Geodesy
  689. Portal:Physical oceanography
  690. Portal:Physical geography
  691. Portal:Human geography
  692. Portal:Yunnan cuisine
  693. Portal:Tunisian cuisine
  694. Portal:Taiwanese cuisine
  695. Portal:South African cuisine
  696. Portal:Sichuan cuisine
  697. Portal:Shanghai cuisine
  698. Portal:Macedonian cuisine
  699. Portal:Macanese cuisine
  700. Portal:Levantine cuisine
  701. Portal:Lao cuisine
  702. Portal:Israeli cuisine
  703. Portal:Hong Kong cuisine
  704. Portal:Galician cuisine
  705. Portal:Fujian cuisine
  706. Portal:Cypriot cuisine
  707. Portal:New England cuisine
  708. Portal:Bruneian cuisine
  709. Portal:Barbadian cuisine
  710. Portal:Azerbaijani cuisine
  711. Portal:Armenian cuisine
  712. Portal:Aragonese cuisine
  713. Portal:Albanian cuisine
  714. Portal:Dictionaries
  715. Portal:A Song of Ice and Fire
  716. Portal:Pathology
  717. Portal:Party games
  718. Portal:Particles
  719. Portal:Passports
  720. Portal:Songs
  721. Portal:Paradoxes
  722. Portal:Carnivorans
  723. Portal:Parallel computing
  724. Portal:Pancakes
  725. Portal:Pain
  726. Portal:World Series
  727. Portal:Bosnian War
  728. Portal:Arab Spring
  729. Portal:War on Terror
  730. Portal:Qigong
  731. Portal:Stick-fighting
  732. Portal:Hapkido
  733. Portal:Capoeira
  734. Portal:Chinese martial arts
  735. Portal:Japanese martial arts
  736. Portal:Judo
  737. Portal:Aikido
  738. Portal:Cue sports
  739. Portal:Bartending
  740. Portal:Fandom
  741. Portal:Patterns in nature
  742. Portal:Real estate developments
  743. Portal:Web search engines
  744. Portal:Garden tools
  745. Portal:Power tools
  746. Portal:Hand tools
  747. Portal:Pens
  748. Portal:Modern architecture
  749. Portal:Skyscrapers
  750. Portal:Pieter de Hooch
  751. Portal:Winslow Homer
  752. Portal:William Hogarth
  753. Portal:Frans Hals
  754. Portal:Francisco Goya
  755. Portal:Albert Gleizes
  756. Portal:Jacques-Louis David
  757. Portal:Albrecht Dürer
  758. Portal:Gothic architecture
  759. Portal:Concrete
  760. Portal:Architecture of India
  761. Portal:Architecture of Portugal
  762. Portal:Architecture of Greece
  763. Portal:Architecture of England
  764. Portal:Caspar David Friedrich
  765. Portal:M. C. Escher
  766. Portal:Paul Gauguin
  767. Portal:Caravaggio
  768. Portal:William Blake
  769. Portal:Hieronymus Bosch
  770. Portal:Giovanni Bellini
  771. Portal:Titian
  772. Portal:J. M. W. Turner
  773. Portal:Johannes Vermeer
  774. Portal:Sandro Botticelli
  775. Portal:Shrek
  776. Portal:Arthur Conan Doyle
  777. Portal:Sex Pistols
  778. Portal:Scandinavian folklore
  779. Portal:Confidence tricks
  780. Portal:Samuel Beckett
  781. Portal:Sails
  782. Portal:Saab Automobile
  783. Portal:Roller coasters
  784. Portal:Rodents
  785. Portal:Robotech
  786. Portal:Robert Zemeckis
  787. Portal:Jacob van Ruisdael
  788. Portal:John Singer Sargent
  789. Portal:Robert Altman
  790. Portal:Ridley Scott
  791. Portal:Richard Brooks
  792. Portal:Respiratory physiology
  793. Portal:Resident Evil
  794. Portal:Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  795. Portal:Norman Rockwell
  796. Portal:Xenophon
  797. Portal:Nicolas Poussin
  798. Portal:Henri Matisse
  799. Portal:Édouard Manet
  800. Portal:René Magritte
  801. Portal:Roy Lichtenstein
  802. Portal:Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  803. Portal:Republics of the Soviet Union
  804. Portal:Renault
  805. Portal:Religious persecution
  806. Portal:Redwall
  807. Portal:Ramones
  808. Portal:Railway electrification
  809. Portal:Radiohead
  810. Portal:Psalms
  811. Portal:Propaganda
  812. Portal:Procter & Gamble
  813. Portal:Power Rangers
  814. Portal:Porgy and Bess
  815. Portal:Population genetics
  816. Portal:Human impact on the environment
  817. Portal:Population
  818. Portal:Pope John Paul II
  819. Portal:Pope Benedict XVI
  820. Portal:Lincoln Motor Company
  821. Portal:Kia
  822. Portal:Isuzu
  823. Portal:Infiniti
  824. Portal:Hyundai
  825. Portal:Human-powered transport
  826. Portal:Holden
  827. Portal:Acura
  828. Portal:GMC
  829. Portal:Volvo
  830. Portal:Mercedes-Benz
  831. Portal:Chevrolet
  832. Portal:Chrysler
  833. Portal:Cadillac
  834. Portal:Buick
  835. Portal:BMW
  836. Portal:Phenethylamines
  837. Portal:Pearl Jam
  838. Portal:Playboy
  839. Portal:History of Oklahoma
  840. Portal:Nuremberg trials
  841. Portal:Nucleic acids
  842. Portal:Muscle tissue
  843. Portal:Nobel Prize
  844. Portal:Missiles
  845. Portal:Mandy Moore
  846. Portal:Lymphatic system
  847. Portal:Lobbying in the United States
  848. Portal:Kurt Vonnegut
  849. Portal:Korean diaspora
  850. Portal:Kid Rock
  851. Portal:Kenneth Branagh
  852. Portal:Ken Burns
  853. Portal:Joss Whedon
  854. Portal:Joints
  855. Portal:Johnson & Johnson
  856. Portal:Ivy League
  857. Portal:Islands of Cape Verde
  858. Portal:Internet access
  859. Portal:Mazda
  860. Portal:Mega Man
  861. Portal:Football in South Africa
  862. Portal:Football in Japan
  863. Portal:Football in Italy
  864. Portal:Football in Iran
  865. Portal:Food science
  866. Portal:Fiat
  867. Portal:Male reproductive system
  868. Portal:Female reproductive system
  869. Portal:Enzymes
  870. Portal:English law
  871. Portal:Fred Frith
  872. Portal:General Hospital
  873. Portal:Gilligan's Island
  874. Portal:High-speed rail
  875. Portal:Elizabeth II
  876. Portal:Electromagnetic spectrum
  877. Portal:DreamWorks Animation
  878. Portal:Drexel University
  879. Portal:Disneyland
  880. Portal:Dietary supplements
  881. Portal:Diabetes
  882. Portal:Developmental biology
  883. Portal:CSI: Miami
  884. Portal:Corticosteroids
  885. Portal:Connective tissues
  886. Portal:Compass direction
  887. Portal:Coldplay
  888. Portal:Coagulation
  889. Portal:Citigroup
  890. Portal:Chinese Civil War
  891. Portal:CBS Sports
  892. Portal:CBS
  893. Portal:Carnivorous plants
  894. Portal:Cannes Film Festival
  895. Portal:Boston College
  896. Portal:Beverly Hills Cop
  897. Portal:Ayn Rand
  898. Portal:Asterix
  899. Portal:Antiarrhythmic agents
  900. Portal:Alkaloids
  901. Portal:Abbott and Costello
  902. Portal:Mad Max
  903. Portal:Macross
  904. Portal:Local anesthetics
  905. Portal:Living Dead
  906. Portal:Linear algebra
  907. Portal:Las Vegas Strip
  908. Portal:Lancaster University
  909. Portal:John Grisham
  910. Portal:Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  911. Portal:Islamic art
  912. Portal:Hormones
  913. Portal:Honda
  914. Portal:Hindu festivals
  915. Portal:Hallucinogens
  916. Portal:Grand Theft Auto
  917. Portal:Golden Raspberry Awards
  918. Portal:Ghost in the Shell
  919. Portal:General Motors
  920. Portal:General Electric
  921. Portal:General Dynamics
  922. Portal:Fuel cells
  923. Portal:Freight cars
  924. Portal:Football in Sweden
  925. Portal:Football in Portugal
  926. Portal:Football in Mexico
  927. Portal:Football in Greece
  928. Portal:Football in France
  929. Portal:Football in Spain
  930. Portal:Ford Motor Company
  931. Portal:Florida Keys
  932. Portal:American Express
  933. Portal:Analgesics
  934. Portal:Apollo program
  935. Portal:Antipsychotics
  936. Portal:Antidepressants
  937. Portal:Anticonvulsants
  938. Portal:Back to the Future
  939. Portal:Austin Powers
  940. Portal:Blizzard Entertainment
  941. Portal:Care Bears
  942. Portal:Cannabinoids
  943. Portal:Chatham Islands
  944. Portal:David Mamet
  945. Portal:David Cronenberg
  946. Portal:David Lynch
  947. Portal:Dance Dance Revolution
  948. Portal:Daft Punk
  949. Portal:Cranial nerves
  950. Portal:Doctor Dolittle
  951. Portal:Devo
  952. Portal:Agatha Christie
  953. Portal:American Hockey League
  954. Portal:Australian Football League
  955. Portal:Sexual revolution
  956. Portal:Cocktails
  957. Portal:Cakes
  958. Portal:Yogurts
  959. Portal:Whisky
  960. Portal:Water polo
  961. Portal:Tetris
  962. Portal:Tarot
  963. Portal:Korean martial arts
  964. Portal:Table tennis
  965. Portal:Surfing
  966. Portal:Super Bowl
  967. Portal:Hosiery
  968. Portal:Scale models
  969. Portal:Sausages
  970. Portal:Running
  971. Portal:Rugby World Cup
  972. Portal:Rubik's Cube
  973. Portal:Rowing (sport)
  974. Portal:Poker
  975. Portal:Flatbreads
  976. Portal:Pasta
  977. Portal:Mexican cuisine
  978. Portal:Juice
  979. Portal:Ice cream
  980. Portal:Ham
  981. Portal:Food preservation
  982. Portal:Fast food
  983. Portal:FIFA World Cup
  984. Portal:Desserts
  985. Portal:Industries
  986. Portal:Sewing
  987. Portal:Butter
  988. Portal:Bullfighting
  989. Portal:BDSM
  990. Portal:Bodybuilding
  991. Portal:Blackjack
  992. Portal:Beef
  993. Portal:Aquariums
  994. Portal:Ancient Olympic Games
  995. Portal:Phylogenetics
  996. Portal:Model organisms
  997. Portal:Gene expression
  998. Portal:Microorganisms
  999. Portal:Vale of Glamorgan
  1000. Portal:Newport, Rhode Island
  1001. Portal:Yosemite National Park
  1002. Portal:Western United States
  1003. Portal:Western Ghats
  1004. Portal:Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
  1005. Portal:Volga River
  1006. Portal:Visakhapatnam
  1007. Portal:Tigris River
  1008. Portal:Svalbard
  1009. Portal:Southern United States
  1010. Portal:South China Sea
  1011. Portal:Shandong
  1012. Portal:Pretoria
  1013. Portal:Poznań
  1014. Portal:Polynesia
  1015. Portal:Peshawar
  1016. Portal:Odessa
  1017. Portal:Northeast India
  1018. Portal:Niger River
  1019. Portal:Mysore
  1020. Portal:Multan
  1021. Portal:Missouri River
  1022. Portal:Midwestern United States
  1023. Portal:Marseille
  1024. Portal:Map projections
  1025. Portal:Lviv
  1026. Portal:Lucknow
  1027. Portal:Loire Valley
  1028. Portal:Lhasa
  1029. Portal:Leeds
  1030. Portal:Kuwait City
  1031. Portal:Kigali
  1032. Portal:Kanpur
  1033. Portal:Rat Pack
  1034. Portal:Sammy Davis Jr.
  1035. Portal:Guangdong
  1036. Portal:Glasgow
  1037. Portal:Galápagos Islands
  1038. Portal:Exploration
  1039. Portal:Easter Island
  1040. Portal:Dnieper
  1041. Portal:Davao City
  1042. Portal:Yellowstone National Park
  1043. Portal:Great Wall of China
  1044. Portal:Canary Islands
  1045. Portal:Suez Canal
  1046. Portal:Panama Canal
  1047. Portal:Columbia River
  1048. Portal:Caucasus
  1049. Portal:Carpathian Mountains
  1050. Portal:Black Sea
  1051. Portal:Birmingham
  1052. Portal:Azores
  1053. Portal:Aegean Sea
  1054. Portal:Orchestras
  1055. Portal:Body piercing
  1056. Portal:Traditional medicine
  1057. Portal:Women in society
  1058. Portal:Writing systems
  1059. Portal:University of Central Florida
  1060. Portal:Spiders
  1061. Portal:Skepticism
  1062. Portal:Riverina
  1063. Portal:Red Dwarf
  1064. Portal:Meteorology
  1065. Portal:Go (game)
  1066. Portal:Georgia Institute of Technology
  1067. Portal:Florida State University
  1068. Portal:Federal Bureau of Investigation
  1069. Portal:Dams
  1070. Portal:Big 12 Conference
  1071. Portal:Belfast
  1072. Portal:Autism
  1073. Portal:Sport in Australia
  1074. Portal:Crime in Australia
  1075. Portal:Commercial aviation
  1076. Portal:Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  1077. Portal:Japanese cuisine
  1078. Portal:Pakistani cuisine
  1079. Portal:Moroccan cuisine
  1080. Portal:Italian cuisine
  1081. Portal:Iranian cuisine
  1082. Portal:Greek cuisine
  1083. Portal:Georgian cuisine
  1084. Portal:Egyptian cuisine
  1085. Portal:Chinese cuisine
  1086. Portal:Canadian cuisine
  1087. Portal:British cuisine
  1088. Portal:Brazilian cuisine
  1089. Portal:Argentine cuisine
  1090. Portal:Arab cuisine
  1091. Portal:American cuisine
  1092. Portal:Wind power
  1093. Portal:Viking Age
  1094. Portal:Vaccines
  1095. Portal:Truth
  1096. Portal:Tourism
  1097. Portal:Thermodynamics
  1098. Portal:States of matter
  1099. Portal:Space stations
  1100. Portal:Social class
  1101. Portal:Smoking
  1102. Portal:Slavery
  1103. Portal:Singing
  1104. Portal:Simple machines
  1105. Portal:Sexual orientation
  1106. Portal:Seasons
  1107. Portal:Scramble for Africa
  1108. Portal:Renaissance
  1109. Portal:Reformation
  1110. Portal:Real numbers
  1111. Portal:Protestantism
  1112. Portal:Privacy
  1113. Portal:Pollution
  1114. Portal:Pneumonia
  1115. Portal:Physical cosmology
  1116. Portal:Personal names
  1117. Portal:Parenting
  1118. Portal:Orbits
  1119. Portal:Nervous system
  1120. Portal:Musical instruments
  1121. Portal:Mount Everest
  1122. Portal:Mongol Empire
  1123. Portal:Modernism
  1124. Portal:Mobile phones
  1125. Portal:Milky Way
  1126. Portal:Meditation
  1127. Portal:Medical imaging
  1128. Portal:Mecca
  1129. Portal:Liberty
  1130. Portal:Learning
  1131. Portal:Knives
  1132. Portal:Jewellery
  1133. Portal:Immune system
  1134. Portal:Hydropower
  1135. Portal:Humans
  1136. Portal:History of technology
  1137. Portal:HIV/AIDS
  1138. Portal:Greek language
  1139. Portal:God
  1140. Portal:Genetic engineering
  1141. Portal:Gambling
  1142. Portal:Justice
  1143. Portal:French Revolution
  1144. Portal:Fortifications
  1145. Portal:Folk music
  1146. Portal:European colonization of the Americas
  1147. Portal:Emotions
  1148. Portal:Electrolysis
  1149. Portal:Eastern Orthodox Church
  1150. Portal:Deserts
  1151. Portal:Democracy
  1152. Portal:Common cold
  1153. Portal:Classical mechanics
  1154. Portal:Chemical bonds
  1155. Portal:Calligraphy
  1156. Portal:Broadcasting
  1157. Portal:Blood
  1158. Portal:Black holes
  1159. Portal:Biodiversity
  1160. Portal:Banking
  1161. Portal:Bacteria
  1162. Portal:Adolf Hitler
  1163. Portal:Addiction
  1164. Portal:Arabic alphabet
  1165. Portal:Analytic philosophy
  1166. Portal:Aircraft
  1167. Portal:Abstract art
  1168. Portal:Cities
  1169. Portal:Chemical elements
  1170. Portal:Cells (biology)
  1171. Portal:Indus Valley Civilisation
  1172. Portal:History of Europe
  1173. Portal:History of India
  1174. Portal:Avicenna
  1175. Portal:Frédéric Chopin
  1176. Portal:Richard Wagner
  1177. Portal:Frida Kahlo
  1178. Portal:Salvador Dalí
  1179. Portal:Hokusai
  1180. Portal:Charles Darwin
  1181. Portal:Kahlil Gibran
  1182. Portal:Fyodor Dostoevsky
  1183. Portal:Dante Alighieri
  1184. Portal:Rumi
  1185. Portal:Sophocles
  1186. Portal:Sleep
  1187. Portal:Numbers
  1188. Portal:Employment
  1189. Portal:New York Yankees
  1190. Portal:Yucatán
  1191. Portal:Veracruz
  1192. Portal:Tlaxcala
  1193. Portal:Tamaulipas
  1194. Portal:Tabasco
  1195. Portal:Sonora
  1196. Portal:Sinaloa
  1197. Portal:San Luis Potosí
  1198. Portal:Quintana Roo
  1199. Portal:Querétaro
  1200. Portal:Puebla
  1201. Portal:Oaxaca
  1202. Portal:Nayarit
  1203. Portal:Morelos
  1204. Portal:Michoacán
  1205. Portal:Jalisco
  1206. Portal:Hidalgo (state)
  1207. Portal:Guerrero
  1208. Portal:Guanajuato
  1209. Portal:Durango
  1210. Portal:Colima
  1211. Portal:Coahuila
  1212. Portal:Chiapas
  1213. Portal:Campeche
  1214. Portal:Baja California
  1215. Portal:Baja California Sur
  1216. Portal:Aguascalientes
  1217. Portal:Nuevo León
  1218. Portal:Chihuahua (state)
  1219. Portal:Washington Wizards
  1220. Portal:Washington Mystics
  1221. Portal:Toronto Raptors
  1222. Portal:Seattle Storm
  1223. Portal:San Antonio Spurs
  1224. Portal:Sacramento Kings
  1225. Portal:Portland Trail Blazers
  1226. Portal:Phoenix Suns
  1227. Portal:Phoenix Mercury
  1228. Portal:Philadelphia 76ers
  1229. Portal:Orlando Magic
  1230. Portal:Oklahoma City Thunder
  1231. Portal:New York Knicks
  1232. Portal:New Orleans Pelicans
  1233. Portal:Minnesota Timberwolves
  1234. Portal:Milwaukee Bucks
  1235. Portal:Miami Heat
  1236. Portal:Memphis Grizzlies
  1237. Portal:Los Angeles Sparks
  1238. Portal:Los Angeles Lakers
  1239. Portal:Los Angeles Clippers
  1240. Portal:Indiana Pacers
  1241. Portal:Indiana Fever
  1242. Portal:Houston Rockets
  1243. Portal:Golden State Warriors
  1244. Portal:Detroit Shock
  1245. Portal:Denver Nuggets
  1246. Portal:Dallas Mavericks
  1247. Portal:Cleveland Cavaliers
  1248. Portal:Buffalo Braves
  1249. Portal:Charlotte Hornets
  1250. Portal:Utah Jazz
  1251. Portal:Winnipeg Jets
  1252. Portal:Washington Capitals
  1253. Portal:Vegas Golden Knights
  1254. Portal:Vancouver Canucks
  1255. Portal:Toronto Maple Leafs
  1256. Portal:Toronto Hockey Club
  1257. Portal:Tampa Bay Lightning
  1258. Portal:St. Louis Blues
  1259. Portal:San Jose Sharks
  1260. Portal:Quebec Nordiques
  1261. Portal:Philadelphia Flyers
  1262. Portal:Ottawa Senators
  1263. Portal:Oakland Seals
  1264. Portal:New York Rangers
  1265. Portal:New York Islanders
  1266. Portal:New Jersey Devils
  1267. Portal:Montreal Maroons
  1268. Portal:Montreal Canadiens
  1269. Portal:Los Angeles Kings
  1270. Portal:Kansas City Scouts
  1271. Portal:Florida Panthers
  1272. Portal:Columbus Blue Jackets
  1273. Portal:Colorado Avalanche
  1274. Portal:Chicago Blackhawks
  1275. Portal:Carolina Hurricanes
  1276. Portal:Calgary Flames
  1277. Portal:Buffalo Sabres
  1278. Portal:Atlanta Thrashers
  1279. Portal:Atlanta Flames
  1280. Portal:Anaheim Ducks
  1281. Portal:Pittsburgh Penguins
  1282. Portal:Minnesota Wild
  1283. Portal:Edmonton Oilers
  1284. Portal:Arizona Coyotes
  1285. Portal:Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  1286. Portal:Toronto FC
  1287. Portal:San Jose Earthquakes
  1288. Portal:Real Salt Lake
  1289. Portal:Portland Timbers
  1290. Portal:Philadelphia Union
  1291. Portal:New York Red Bulls
  1292. Portal:New York City FC
  1293. Portal:Montreal Impact
  1294. Portal:Minnesota United FC
  1295. Portal:LA Galaxy
  1296. Portal:Houston Dynamo
  1297. Portal:FC Dallas
  1298. Portal:D.C. United
  1299. Portal:Colorado Rapids
  1300. Portal:Chicago Fire Soccer Club
  1301. Portal:Atlanta United FC
  1302. Portal:Sporting Kansas City
  1303. Portal:Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  1304. Portal:Seattle Seahawks
  1305. Portal:Oakland Raiders
  1306. Portal:New York Jets
  1307. Portal:New York Giants
  1308. Portal:New Orleans Saints
  1309. Portal:Minnesota Vikings
  1310. Portal:Miami Dolphins
  1311. Portal:Los Angeles Rams
  1312. Portal:Los Angeles Chargers
  1313. Portal:Kansas City Chiefs
  1314. Portal:Jacksonville Jaguars
  1315. Portal:Indianapolis Colts
  1316. Portal:Houston Texans
  1317. Portal:Denver Broncos
  1318. Portal:Dallas Cowboys
  1319. Portal:Cleveland Browns
  1320. Portal:Cincinnati Bengals
  1321. Portal:Carolina Panthers
  1322. Portal:Baltimore Ravens
  1323. Portal:Atlanta Falcons
  1324. Portal:San Francisco 49ers
  1325. Portal:Washington Nationals
  1326. Portal:Tampa Bay Rays
  1327. Portal:St. Louis Cardinals
  1328. Portal:Providence Grays
  1329. Portal:New York Metropolitans
  1330. Portal:Montreal Expos
  1331. Portal:Minnesota Twins
  1332. Portal:Miami Marlins
  1333. Portal:Kansas City Royals
  1334. Portal:Houston Astros
  1335. Portal:Colorado Rockies
  1336. Portal:Baltimore Orioles
  1337. Portal:Texas Rangers (baseball)
  1338. Portal:Tinamous
  1339. Portal:Suliformes
  1340. Portal:Green Bay Packers
  1341. Portal:Germanic peoples
  1342. Portal:Washington Redskins
  1343. Portal:University of Michigan
  1344. Portal:University of Florida
  1345. Portal:Toronto Blue Jays
  1346. Portal:Toronto Argonauts
  1347. Portal:Team sports
  1348. Portal:Street food
  1349. Portal:Stanford University
  1350. Portal:Seattle Mariners
  1351. Portal:San Francisco Giants
  1352. Portal:San Diego Padres
  1353. Portal:Romanticism
  1354. Portal:Pittsburgh Steelers
  1355. Portal:Pittsburgh Pirates
  1356. Portal:Philosophy of religion
  1357. Portal:Philadelphia Phillies
  1358. Portal:Philadelphia Eagles
  1359. Portal:Oakland Athletics
  1360. Portal:New York Mets
  1361. Portal:New England Patriots
  1362. Portal:Los Angeles Dodgers
  1363. Portal:Los Angeles Angels
  1364. Portal:People's Liberation Army
  1365. Portal:Detroit Tigers
  1366. Portal:Cleveland Indians
  1367. Portal:Cincinnati Reds
  1368. Portal:Chicago White Sox
  1369. Portal:Chicago Cubs
  1370. Portal:Chicago Bears
  1371. Portal:Cerebral cortex
  1372. Portal:Buffalo Bills
  1373. Portal:Atlanta Braves
  1374. Portal:Alexander Korda
  1375. Portal:Buckminster Fuller
  1376. Portal:Brigham Young University
  1377. Portal:Animal testing
  1378. Portal:Crafts
  1379. Portal:Critical theory
  1380. Portal:Machines
  1381. Portal:Procellariiformes
  1382. Portal:Ploceidae
  1383. Portal:Piciformes
  1384. Portal:Pelecaniformes
  1385. Portal:Mousebirds
  1386. Portal:Swallows
  1387. Portal:Gulls
  1388. Portal:Cranes (machines)
  1389. Portal:Grebes
  1390. Portal:Bowerbirds

The following portals have been withdrawn from this nomination, and untagged in these edits.[2] --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 22:20, 7 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

36 portals withdrawn from this nomination
  1. Portal:Capsicum
  2. Portal:Tsunamis
  3. Portal:Mustelids
  4. Portal:Cannons
  5. Portal:Percentages
  6. Portal:Angles
  7. Portal:Indo-Greek Kingdom
  8. Portal:History of Egypt
  9. Portal:Civilization
  10. Portal:Neolithic
  11. Portal:Mesolithic
  12. Portal:Chalcolithic
  13. Portal:Carolingian Empire
  14. Portal:Delhi Sultanate
  15. Portal:Nerva–Antonine dynasty
  16. Portal:Julio-Claudian dynasty
  17. Portal:Crisis of the Third Century
  18. Portal:Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors
  19. Portal:Mathematics and art
  20. Portal:SkyTrain (Vancouver)
  21. Portal:Guangzhou Metro
  22. Portal:Tools
  23. Portal:Culture of Austria
  24. Portal:Religion in Portugal
  25. Portal:Santiago
  26. Portal:Epidemiology
  27. Portal:Geological history of Earth
  28. Portal:English
  29. Portal:Land Rover
  30. Portal:Berkshire Hathaway
  31. Portal:Stone Age
  32. Portal:Clouds
  33. Portal:Iron Age
  34. Portal:Bronze Age
  35. Portal:Ancient history
  36. Portal:Cranes

However, here has been much more interest in this proposal than I had expected, so it seems to me that it would be helpful to expand the scope of this nomination to include ALL such portals. That will allow the community to make one decision on the whole set.

I have now completed my scanning process to go back to 13 August 2018, which appears to be when TTH began creating automated portals. That has produced a list of a further 1,308 portals, which I have added to the nomination, below.

As with the first list, these portals meet all of the follwing criteria: created by TTH; not a redirect or disambiguation page; not tagged for another MFD discussion; automated; their list of selected articles (using ((Transclude list item excerpts as random slideshow))) is drawn solely from a single navbox. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 12:46, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Per requests in the discussion below, I have withdrawn the 1,308 additions. I thought that the addition was a good way of allowing the community to decide this issue in one discussion, and I had not foreseen that the addition would be controversial. However, it clearly is controversial, so I withdraw the extra set. Sorry for the disruption. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 13:48, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Single navbox portals: List-making process[edit]

The process by which this list was made is set out at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Mass-created portals based on a single navbox/Selection process. The AWB module which I used is at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Mass-created portals based on a single navbox/AWB module. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 20:15, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Single navbox portals: discussion and survey[edit]
add your delete/keep/comment here
However, there has been much more interest in this proposal than I had expected, so it seems to me that it would be helpful to expand the scope of this nomination to include ALL such portals. That will allow the community to make one decision on the whole set.
I have now completed my scanning process to go back to 13 August 2018, which appears to be when TTH began creating automated portals. That has produced a list of a further 1,308 portals, which I have added to the nomination, above.
As with the first list, these portals meet all of the following criteria: created by TTH; not a redirect or disambiguation page; not tagged for another MFD discussion; automated; their list of selected articles (using ((Transclude list item excerpts as random slideshow))) is drawn solely from a single navbox.
Pinging all those who made a !vote so far: @Legacypac, Renata3, Wumbolo, CoolSkittle, Tisquesusa, Kusma, Godsy, Pythoncoder, Meszzy2, Chiswick Chap, SemiHypercube, Vanamonde93, Levivich, John B123, Robert McClenon, Tazerdadog, Northamerica1000, Bilorv, Susmuffin, Pichpich, UnitedStatesian, Pie3141527182, Feezo, Chinyen Lu, Iridescent, Lugnuts, LightandDark2000, Nigej, Thryduulf, GiantSnowman, Auric, and Nick Moyes. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 12:53, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • Additions withdrawn. I had not foreseen that the addition would be controversial, but since it clearly is controversial, I have withdrawn the addition pf 1,308 pages. Sorry for the unintended disruption. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 13:58, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  1. created by TTH;
  2. not a redirect or disambiguation page;
  3. not tagged for another MFD discussion;
  4. automated;
  5. the list of selected articles (using ((Transclude list item excerpts as random slideshow))) is drawn solely from a single navbox.
Publishing this script would be great. By the way, I cannot express in polite terms just how inappropriate this is to argue about it is impossible to do due diligence on a fraction of these 1,354 deletions... when the same person is requiring the community do due diligence on 3500+ spam-portals. Pldx1 (talk) 14:01, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • @Pldx1, I think it's a great idea to everything check before deletion, so I am happy support that proposal for verification.
Unfortunately, it is not a single script. The selection process involved 6 steps, with the custom AWB module used only as the last step. However, the custom module could be used on the list to verify that it meets the last two criteria. The other criteria can also be verified by AWB, though in separate steps.
It will take me a bit of time to document the process I used, so I will publish it when finished, hopefully later today. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 14:14, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@Pldx1, the process by which this list was made is now set out at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Mass-created portals based on a single navbox/Selection process. The AWB module which I used is at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Mass-created portals based on a single navbox/AWB module. Hope this helps.
@Thryduulf, you had concerns about the process, so you may also find this useful. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 20:34, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
A small misunderstanding, part 1.
  • 'A Question for @BrownHairedGirl: From your opening statement, your rationale for deleting these portals is "1. Being each built on a single navbox, they add no navigational utility ...." and 3. "The pages were rapidly mass-created. They were all created by the topic-banned portalspammer @The Transhumanist ....."
With reference to Portal:Wildlife of IndiaPortal:Indian wildlife, mentioned above, I checked the Portal and found the following:
1. It was created in April 2007 by Sushant gupta, NOT The Transhumanist, who only made his first ever edit to that Portal on 12 April 2018, to add a deletion notice. Following edits dealt with mainly techical adjustments to box styles, file paths etc.
2. It is NOT built on a single navbox, but relies on subpages.
3. The intro is transcluded from Wildlife of India, the Selected article, Selected image, Subcategories, Did you know, Things you can do, Wikiprojects and Related portals sections all draw their content from appropriately named sub pages, NOT a navbox.
Admittedly these subpages are rather sparse at present, but hold scope for suitable expansion into a decently curated Portal.
I only joined the WikiProject after a lengthy Wikibreak, returning to find all Portals were up for deletion. I found that the development of the new tools were immensely useful for Portal mainetnance. I had maintained Portal:Scotland for a number of years but, due to my Wikibreak, it was horribly out of date when I returned so I set about updating it with the new templates and arrived at a hybrid solution - not fully "automated" but still hand curated. The first inkling I had that TTH may have been "losing the plot" was when he "restarted" Portal:Scotland in January 2019. (see this exchange for details). I had no idea he was about to start on a mass Portal creation run, otherwise I may have paid more attention and perhaps noticed some of the problems. I believe in the utility of a properly curated portal as a navigational aid for the casual reader. I would much rather use Portal:Wildlife of IndiaPortal:Indian wildlife than Template:Wildlife of India on a casual basis because it gives a much more colourful and user friendly introduction to a broad subject, rather than the sparseness of the typical navbox. The latter is much more suited to a reader homing in on a particular aspect of the subject such as a specific rare Indian tree frog, for example. Long live the Portals I say (don't all shout at once ....)
I suggestPortal:Wildlife of IndiaPortal:Indian wildlife should be excluded from the list because, for this Portal at least, your rationale for inclusion fails. This begs the question: How many other Portals on your list does this apply to? This is one of the problems that this issue, and the resulting hysteria, has created: the relentless drive for deletion as rapidly as possible, leads to this and other kinds of error. You've already removed 36 Portals from the list due to an error pointed out by Northamerica1000. There is no urgent deadline to meet. It's not harming the Project, particularly as reader numbers for Portals are so spectacularly low, as is repeatedly pointed out by the "anti-Portal camp" Why the rush? The sky is not falling. I think a more measured approach to eliminate these kinds of any errors would pay dividends for everybody in the long run, and reduce the heat surrounding this issue.
This is exactly the same kind of sloppiness that The Transhumanist has been accused of by not checking the results of his "Portal creation spree". The same argument could be levelled at yourself and other Portal MfD nominators, whether it be inappropriate bundling of unrelated Portals, or other matters. or Portals that fail the stated criteria for inclusion on a speedy deletion list. It's as much of a "deletion spree" as TTH's "creation spree". Both could be categorized as constituting frenzied activity, consequently running the risk of being error prone. I also think it's disrespectful of you to continually refer to TTH as a "topic-banned portalspammer". It's not the kind of language you expect from an experienced editor. I think the worst TTH has done is display a monumental error of judgement, having been seduced by and fallen under the spell of the shiny new toys that were developed by the WikiProject to assist with ease of maintenance. I think the constant barrage of deletion nominations flooding his talk page is enough to obviate the need for a trouting for over zealousness. I hope that the mad rush to delete all these portals "like yesterday" can be toned down a number of notches. It's completely unneccesary, there really is no URGENT deadline. I think your (and others) efforts would be better spent preparing that RfC on Portal Requirements, which I think is long overdue and I would welcome.
For the record, my position on this proposal is:
  • Delete all that properly fulfill the stated criteria, keep Portal:Wildlife of India Portal:Indian wildlife and all those that don't properly fulfill the stated criteria and can be realistically saved / suitably expanded into a decently curated Portal. But for the love of God, slow down the rate of nominations, stop bulk nominations and put much more consideration into selection of suitable candidates. 23:32, 8 April 2019 (UTC)*[reply]
A small misunderstanding, part 2.
NOTE The above statement should be read with the qualification that I was referring to the wrong Portal, and NOT the one that BHG had nominated. ie Portal:Indian wildlife instead of Portal:Wildlife of India. BHG's nomination of Portal:Wildlife of India meets her declared criteria fully. Please see the exchange below immediately following this notice. 01:29, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • Reply That's a fine wall of text, but before you launch into a speech and accuse me of sloppiness, you should check your facts:
    1. Portal:Wildlife of India was created[6] on 00:18, 12 February 2019‎ by The Transhumanist.
    2. The article list is based entirely on Template:Wildlife of India. You or anyone else can edit the page to view the source code:
((Box-header colour|Selected general articles))
((Transclude list item excerpts as random slideshow | paragraphs=1-2 | files=1 | more=
| Template:Wildlife of India
I look forward to your apology.
Best wishes, --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 23:55, 8 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
With a little burrowing through the contributions of User:Sushant gupta, I found that that on 12:13, 16 April 2007‎, User:Sushant gupta created[7] the page Portal:Indian wildlife (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs).
So there we have it: @The Transhumanist created Portal:Wildlife of India (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs), but there was an existing page Portal:Indian wildlife (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs), created nearly 12 years earlier by Sushant gupta. (See why I call TTH the portalspammer?)
In other words, TTH's creation is not only automated junk built off a single navbox, but it duplicates a pre-existing template which TTH had edited before creating the duplicate.
And Mr long-speech did not notice that:
  1. The page he examined has a different title to the one he complained about
  2. The page he examined is not tagged for this discussion
  3. The page he examined is not included in the list for this discussion.
What was that word again, Ah yes, sloppiness.
Multi-stage sloppiness, I'd say. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 00:24, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Reply @BrownHairedGirl. Please accept my humble apologies. For some bizarre reason I was checking the history of Portal:Indian wildlife [8], no idea how I got that mixed up. It's even sloppier of TTH duplicating an existing portal and not checking or dealing with that fact. As you say, he recreated a portal that he'd previously edited. So my mistake. I throw myself to the ground, prostrate with embarrasment. Everything I wrote pertains to that history, wrongly it transpires, and NOT to the history of the Portal you nominated, so I've struck the offending portions of my statement. I stand by the rest of my observations however.
Even better wishes to you. 00:37, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
To avoid misleading anyone else, please could you ((collapse)) and/or strike the lengthy section based on your misreading? --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 00:40, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
I've struck the relevant portions of my statement and corrected the incorrect Portal name accordingly. I'm not prepared to strike the entire statement or collapse it in it's entirety because there are some points that I think should stand. I have added a clarification to the end of the statement for subsequent readers which I hope satisfies you. 01:29, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply], you posted by far the longest contribution to this MfD, based on an allegation turned out to be not only unfounded, but your own error. Readers should not be left to wade through the whole thing to find at the end that the whole basis of it is nonsense. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 08:48, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
We should avoid WP:TRAINWRECK so since these can be recreated in about 10 seconds from a template and then built out properly, let modivated users do that, as is proposed. Legacypac (talk) 00:20, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@Guilherme Burn, please re-read the nominator's rataionale at the top of this page. I know that it is a bit long, but I have bolded the key points.
The reason for this mass nomination is nothing to do with the scope of the topics. It is that these portal pages are automated spam which simply duplicates a navbox in a less usable form. Some of them may indeed be suitable topics for a properly-crated portal; but no topic befits from TTH's automated spam.
Note the final apara of the rationale Some of these portals cover narrow topics which should never have a portal. Others cover broad topics which might be capable of supporting a thoughtfully-designed and properly-curated portal which used a selected article list extending way beyond the navbox. So I propose that these pages be deleted without prejudice to recreating a curated portal not based on a single navbox, in accordance with whatever criteria the community may have agreed at that time.
Hope this helps. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 00:37, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
OK @BrownHairedGirl and Legacypac:. So I change my vote to Delete all, understanding that I can recreate some of these portals from the same source. In addition, it would be better a MfD with a smaller number of articles, to not repeat the same impasse that occurred in Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard#Proposal 4: Provide for CSD criterion X3Guilherme Burn (talk) 18:43, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Arbitrary break to reduce scrolling[edit]
Portal:Percentages will give you a real laugh - then go vote to delete it. Legacypac (talk) 18:56, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
list of 31 deleted from this nomination
    • These 31 ones seems to be deleted:
  1. Portal:Ancient history
  2. Portal:Angles
  3. Portal:Berkshire Hathaway
  4. Portal:Bronze Age
  5. Portal:Cannons
  6. Portal:Capsicum
  7. Portal:Carolingian Empire
  8. Portal:Chalcolithic
  9. Portal:Clouds
  10. Portal:Crisis of the Third Century
  11. Portal:Culture of Austria
  12. Portal:Delhi Sultanate
  13. Portal:Epidemiology
  14. Portal:Geological history of Earth
  15. Portal:Guangzhou Metro
  16. Portal:History of Egypt
  17. Portal:Indo-Greek Kingdom
  18. Portal:Iron Age
  19. Portal:Julio-Claudian dynasty
  20. Portal:Land Rover
  21. Portal:Mathematics and art
  22. Portal:Mesolithic
  23. Portal:Mustelids
  24. Portal:Neolithic
  25. Portal:Nerva–Antonine dynasty
  26. Portal:Percentages
  27. Portal:Religion in Portugal
  28. Portal:SkyTrain (Vancouver)
  29. Portal:Stone Age
  30. Portal:Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors
  31. Portal:Tsunamis
Pldx1 (talk) 13:00, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Deleted from this nomination to be clear. I bundled the company portals and a metro system into smaller bundled nominations already. I agree these 31 are trivially different from the ones in this nomination. 4 DAB pages were also removed from the bundle. Portal:English was dealt with separately, for a total 36 removed. Legacypac (talk) 19:04, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Tracking categories enabled
  • Tracking categories enabled. The automated portals, including those nominated for deletion here, use Module:Excerpt slideshow to build their "Selected general articles" list. I have modified[9] that module so that portals which build their article lists from only one two two templates will be categorised in these two tracking categories:
Purge this page to update the totals.
Usages with more than two templates are not currently tracked.
Note that the tracking was enabled 9 April 2019‎ at 15:28 UTC, and it will probably take a few days for all the portal pages to update. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 15:50, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Update: as far as I can tell, all pages have been refreshed, and the figures for the population of the tracking categories are up to date. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 18:10, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@BrownHairedGirl: Are you planning on nominating all of these newly-categorized portals as well? I ask because, as one example from a cursory spot check, while Portal:Water presently exists in an automated version, there are previous non-automated versions that it could be reverted to. It is my guess that there are others that could be reverted to previous non-automated versions. A major issue is that the subpages for this and other portals are marked with bold statements saying (in part), "Please note: This page has been marked for deletion under WP:G6" (e.g. see Portal:Water/Intro), and when reverting, the message sticks, being posted repeatedly on the entire portal page in each section. However, there is no template to remove from the subpages to remove the notice. North America1000 16:05, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@North America, I want to see where consensus lands on the 1390 portals nominated here, and then consider and discuss what the next steps should be. I have spent the last few hours creating this tracking system, and have only just begun to evaluate its possible uses. So the rest of this is just my initial thoughts on your question.
If there is consensus to delete the current set of 1390, then I think it would be appropriate to delete any other one-navbox portals which were created as such by the portalspammer TTH. So those would be the next batch.
Beyond that, there will be a number of other portals which currently fall into the "useless" one-navbox category. My initial thought is that at the very least they need to be checked for previous non-automated versions. So there should not be a big mass deletion of those non-TTH-created one-navbox portals ... but I do think that if there is no superior version, then they should be deleted. And in many cases, the previous manual version was an unmaintained mess, so deletion might still be appropriate.
Anyway, just initial thoughts. It's not directly relevant to this MFD, so I'd prefer that further discussion continued elsewhere. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs)
Regarding, "at the very least they need to be checked for previous non-automated versions. So there should not be a big mass deletion of those non-TTH-created one-navbox portals", that works for me. Serious work has been put into some of the old-style portals that use content from subpages; it would be a shame to blindly delete all of the work editors have put into them simply because they were later converted to an automated version (Wikipedia:Baby and bathwater). North America1000 16:35, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
TTH was the biggest creator of these 14 character automatic error template pages but I'm prepared to treat them all the same regardless of which acct hit the save button. The tracking categories BHG created total about what I expected based on other analysis I've done and seen. Legacypac (talk) 19:13, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@Legacypac, as above, this is not the place for that discussion ... but I would very strongly advise against treating the contributions of other editors in the same way as the creations of the portalspammer (i.e. @The Transhumanist). --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 21:06, 9 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
2nd break for ease of continued discussion[edit]
Your assumption would be incorrect. In an early MFD TTH explained that all portals were nominated for deletion but not deleted at WP:ENDPORTALS therefore all 1500 existing portals had been kept. He explained the WP:POG (which he extensively modified btw) were obsolete and non-binding. Any new portal like any old portal that was kept is now an acceptable scope. User:StraussInTheHouse Legacypac (talk) 17:49, 10 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
I was unaware of the guideline-editing to suit behaviour. Yeah, that's not good faith. Still, my point stands that they should be deleted. SITH (talk) 17:56, 10 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
However, I started out by examining a subset, and spent a whole day developing and testing my methodology, and when I found it worked I didn't feel like re-running the process on the full set before I had gauged the community's reaction. As you can see, I added the rest as a second batch to this nomination, pinging all participants to an explanation of what I had done, but there were objections to that, so I reverted. So if this batch is deleted, there will be a second nomination of the rest of the single-navbox portals. I think that once that is done, we will all be in a better position to assess the remainder. --BrownHairedGirl (talk) • (contribs) 18:12, 11 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you for directing me to this discussion through the Portal talk:Submarines page.
Christopher, Sheridan, OR (talk) 08:20, 13 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]
The above discussion is preserved as an archive of the debate. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page (such as the page's talk page or in a deletion review). No further edits should be made to this page.