Young India

Young India was a book written by Lala Lajpat Rai in 1916 and later published by Mahatma Gandhi. Through this work, Mahatma Gandhi sought to popularise India's demand for independence or Swaraj.[1]

It was published by Gandhi from 1919 to 1931.[2]

Gandhi's writings in this journal inspired many. He used Young India to spread his unique ideology and thoughts regarding the use of nonviolence in organising movements and to urge readers to consider, organise, and plan for India's eventual independence from the British Empire.

A Young India copy from 1919

In 1933 Gandhi started publishing a weekly newspaper, Harijan, in English. Harijan, which means "People of God", was also Gandhi's term for the untouchable caste. The newspaper lasted until 1948. During this time Gandhi also published Harijan Bandu in Gujarati, and Harijan Sevak in Hindi. All three papers focused on social and economic problems, both in India and elsewhere in the world.[3]

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