1993 Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly election

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All 68 seats in the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly
35 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Virbhadra Singh HP.jpg
National president of BJP, J P Nadda (cropped).jpg
Leader Virbhadra Singh J. P. Nadda
Seats before 9 46
Seats won 52 8
Seat change Increase43 Decrease38
Popular vote 48.82% 36.14%

CM before election

President's rule

Elected CM

Virbhadra Singh

Elections to the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly were held in September 1993 to elect members of the 68 constituencies in Himachal Pradesh, India.[1] The Indian National Congress won the popular vote and a majority of seats and its leader, Virbhadra Singh was appointed as the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for his second term.[2] The number of constituencies was set as 68 by the recommendation of the Delimitation Commission of India.[3]

The Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly or the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.[4] The present strength of the Vidhan Sabha is 68.


India Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1993.svg
Indian National Congress1,135,20348.8252+43
Bharatiya Janata Party840,23336.138–38
Communist Party of India (Marxist)17,3470.751+1
Valid votes2,325,30899.22
Invalid/blank votes18,3050.78
Total votes2,343,613100.00
Registered voters/turnout3,277,62571.50
Source: ECI[5]

Elected members

Constituency Reserved for
Member Party Vote Runner-up Candidates Name Party vote
Kinnaur ST Dev Raj Negi Indian National Congress 13746 Thakur Sen Negi Bharatiya Janata Party 12864
Rampur SC Singhi Ram Indian National Congress 24116 Ninzoo Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 9638
Rohru None Virbhadra Singh Indian National Congress 26976 Khushi Ram Balnath Bharatiya Janata Party 7030
Jubbal-kotkhai None Ram Lal Indian National Congress 21745 Rajpal Singh Chauhan Independent 4922
Chopal None Yogendra Chandra Independent 16796 Kanwar Uday Singh Indian National Congress 6490
Kumarsain None Jai Bihari Lal Khachi Indian National Congress 21612 Bhagat Ram Chauhan Bharatiya Janata Party 10987
Theog None Rakesh Verma Bharatiya Janata Party 18088 Vidya Stokes Indian National Congress 16684
Simla None Rakesh Singha Communist Party of India 11854 Harbhajan Singh Bhajji Indian National Congress 11695
Kasumpti SC Charanjiv Lal Kashyap Indian National Congress 20688 Roup Dass Kashyap Bharatiya Janata Party 14455
Arki None Dharam Pal Indian National Congress 17077 Nagin Chander Pal Bharatiya Janata Party 11350
Doon None Lajja Ram Indian National Congress 14622 Ram Partap Chandel Independent 14059
Nalagarh None Vijyendra Singh Indian National Congress 17969 Kehar Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 12273
Kasauli SC Raghu Raj Indian National Congress 16750 Virender Kashyap Bharatiya Janata Party 10956
Solan None Krishna Mohini Indian National Congress 23177 Mohinder Nath Sofat Bharatiya Janata Party 11583
Pachhad SC Gangu Ram Musafir Indian National Congress 19021 Ram Parkash Bharatiya Janata Party 12649
Rainka SC Prem Singh Indian National Congress 15500 Mohan Lal Azad Bharatiya Janata Party 11786
Shillai None Harsh Vardhan Indian National Congress 19092 Jagat Singh Negi Bharatiya Janata Party 12254
Paonta Doon None Rattan Singh Indian National Congress 21238 Fateh Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 15648
Nahan None Kush Parmar Indian National Congress 15922 Shyam Sharma Janata Dal 9070
Kotkehloor None Ram Lal Thakur Indian National Congress 18985 Krishan Kumar Kaushal Communist Party of India 10245
Bilaspur None Jagat Prakash Nadda Bharatiya Janata Party 17500 Babu Ram Gautam Indian National Congress 15274
Ghumarwin None Kashmir Singh Indian National Congress 20603 Karam Dev Dharmani Bharatiya Janata Party 15019
Geharwin SC Beeru Ram Kishore Indian National Congress 20604 Kondal Rihi Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 13304
Nadaun None Narain Chand Prashar Indian National Congress 15571 Raghubir Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 14506
Hamirpur None Jagdev Chand Bharatiya Janata Party 17559 Anita Verma Indian National Congress 16413
Bamsan None Kuldeep Singh Pathania Indian National Congress 13657 Lashkari Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 13442
Mewa SC Ishwar Dass Dhiman Bharatiya Janata Party 17134 Neeraj Kumar Indian National Congress 16687
Nadaunta None Manjit Singh Independent 11821 Ram Rattan Sharma Bharatiya Janata Party 11650
Gagret SC Kuldeep Kumar Indian National Congress 18059 Sadhu Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 10871
Chintpurni None Hari Datt Independent 14060 Ganesh Datt Bharwal Indian National Congress 8247
Santokgarh None Vijay Kumar Joshi Indian National Congress 13292 Kashmiri Lal Joshi Bharatiya Janata Party 10061
Una None O.p. Rattan Indian National Congress 14014 Virender Gautam Independent 13212
Kutlehar None Ram Dass Malangar Bharatiya Janata Party 14846 Ram Nath Sharma Indian National Congress 13874
Nurpur None Sat Mahajan Indian National Congress 28961 Megh Raj Awasthi Bharatiya Janata Party 13870
Gangath SC Durga Dass Indian National Congress 16036 Des Raj Bharatiya Janata Party 13448
Jawali None Sujan Singh Pathania Indian National Congress 19409 Rajan Sushant Bharatiya Janata Party 17773
Guler None Chander Kumar Indian National Congress 19051 Harbans Rana Bharatiya Janata Party 10308
Jaswan None Viplove Thakur Indian National Congress 16283 Kashmir Singh Rana Bharatiya Janata Party 8523
Pragpur SC Virender Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party 13685 Yog Raj Independent 11968
Jawalamukhi None Kewal Singh Indian National Congress 16558 Dhani Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 13569
Thural None Ravinder Singh Ravi Bharatiya Janata Party 13685 Kanwar Durga Chand Independent 12764
Rajgir SC Milkhi Ram Goma Indian National Congress 16035 Atma Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 11090
Baijnath None Sant Ram Indian National Congress 18276 Dulo Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 13477
Palampur None Brij Bihari Lal Indian National Congress 21212 Shiv Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party 14702
Sulah None Man Chand Rana Indian National Congress 16745 Shanta Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party 13478
Nagrota None Hardyal Choudhary Independent 19085 Chaudhary Ram Chand Bharatiya Janata Party 10366
Shahpur None Vijay Singh Mankotia Indian National Congress 17972 Sarveen Choudhary Bharatiya Janata Party 16691
Dharamsala None Kishan Kapoor Bharatiya Janata Party 11950 Chandresh Kumari Indian National Congress 11533
Kangra None Daulat Ram Indian National Congress 20658 Vidya Sagar Bharatiya Janata Party 14342
Bhattiyat None Kuldeep Singh Independent 13595 Brij Lal Bharatiya Janata Party 8681
Banikhet None Asha Kumari Indian National Congress 19079 Gandharv Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 13673
Rajnagar SC Vidhya Dhar Indian National Congress 18563 Mohan Lal Bharatiya Janata Party 13919
Chamba None Harsh Mahajan Indian National Congress 20435 Kishori Lal Bharatiya Janata Party 13585
Bharmour ST Thakar Singh Independent 10225 Tulshi Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 8948
Lahaul And Spiti ST Phunchog Rai Indian National Congress 6509 Hishe Dogia Bharatiya Janata Party 5067
Kulu None Raj Krishan Gour Indian National Congress 29077 Kunj Lal Bharatiya Janata Party 20423
Banjar None Satya Parkash Thakur Indian National Congress 24539 Karan Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 22518
Ani SC Ishwar Dass Indian National Congress 20436 Tej Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 18320
Karsog SC Mast Ram Indian National Congress 19371 Joginder Pal Bharatiya Janata Party 9144
Chachiot None Moti Ram Indian National Congress 9944 Jai Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 7993
Nachan SC Tek Chand Independent 20120 Dile Ram Bharatiya Janata Party 12814
Sundernagar None Sher Singh Indian National Congress 16380 Roop Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 10843
Balh SC Nek Ram Indian National Congress 19050 Damodar Dass Bharatiya Janata Party 14860
Gopalpur None Rangila Ram Rao Indian National Congress 25960 Randhir Singh Chamdel Bharatiya Janata Party 12552
Dharampur None Mahender Singh Indian National Congress 20065 Preay Brat Bharatiya Janata Party 11737
Joginder Nagar None Gulab Singh Indian National Congress 18412 Ganga Ram Jamwal Bharatiya Janata Party 11070
Darang None Kaul Singh Indian National Congress 22482 Dina Nath Bharatiya Janata Party 15848
Mandi None Anil Sharma Indian National Congress 23134 Kanhaiya Lal Bharatiya Janata Party 10712


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