Aerospace Operations Command
Comando de Operações Aeroespaciais
Coat of arms of COMAE
Active2017; 5 years ago (2017)[1]
Country Brazil
TypeAir and space command
Part of
Brazilian Air Force
Garrison/HQBrasília, DF
Motto(s)Ascendere Et Delere
(Latin for "Ascend and Destroy")

The Aerospace Operations Command (Portuguese: Comando de Operações Aeroespaciais - COMAE) is a Brazilian air and space command created in 2017[1] and is part of the Brazilian Air Force. Is responsible for planning, coordinating, executing and controlling the country's air and space operations.[2] The Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Army also are part of the organization.


The COMAE was formed as a Brazilian Air Force command with the main mission of oversee all air and space operations in the country and includes personnel from the Brazilian Army and Brazilian Navy. Other missions include the operations of satellites in orbit for imagery intelligence, military communications, reconnaissance and earth observation roles in joint operation with the Brazilian Space Agency and the National Institute for Space Research from the Space Operations Center (COPE), and other facilities in the country,[3] also orbital and sub-orbital launches from the Alcântara Space Center. The organization also contributes to the sovereignty of airspace and to the integration of the national territory through air tracking systems such the CINDACTA, similitar system to the North American NORAD.[4]

Brazilian aerospace assets

See also: Brazilian Space Agency

The Brazilian Armed Forces and other federal agencies possesses several major aerospace military and scientific assets:

Space Operations Center in Brasília
Space Operations Center in Brasília


Orbital and sub-orbital launchers


Launching facilities

Air, space and border control

International cooperation

Artemis program

The country and its federal agencies are part of the NASA's Artemis Program and signatory to the Artemis Accords.[15] Also several companies are based in Alcântara, with the objective of orbital and sub-orbital launches, for commercial purposes or in partnership with the Brazilian government.[16][17]

Satelite constellation

The Brazilian Space Agency signed cooperation agreements with space agencies of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), to the joint-development of a remote sensing satellite constellation,[18] aiming to help with common challenges for the mankind such as the climate change, major disasters and environmental protection. Ground stations located in Cuiabá in Brazil, Moscow Region in Russia, Shadnagar–Hyderabad in India, Sanya in China and Hartebeesthoek in South Africa will receive data from the satellite constellation.[19]

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