AfterShock Comics, LLC.
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FounderJoe Pruett
Mike Marts
Lee Kramer
Jon Kramer
Michael Richter
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationSherman Oaks, California
DistributionDiamond Book Distributors (books)
Publication typesComic books, graphic novels
Official website

AfterShock Comics is an American comic book publisher launched in 2015. AfterShock is described as a "hybrid comic book company combining the creative edge of an independent comic book publisher with the strengths and experience of a traditional powerhouse."


The company was co-founded by Joe Pruett, editor of the noted comic anthology Negative Burn and Mike Marts, the former executive editor in charge of Marvel Comics' X-Men franchise[1] and DC Comics' Batman franchise. Other co-founders include Lee Kramer, Jon Kramer, and Michael Richter.[2] Other senior executives include Jawad Qureshi.[2]

AfterShock's published works are creator-owned and its portfolio includes comics by Cullen Bunn, Warren Ellis,[3] Garth Ennis,[4] and Marguerite Bennett,[5] among others.

AfterShock Comics won the New Publisher of the Year Diamond Gem Award in 2017.[6]

The label attracted attention in 2016 when it published Paul Jenkins' comic Alters, featuring the character Chalice, touted as the first transgender superhero.[7][8] In a column for The Mary Sue, transgender activist Jes Grobman dismissed Alters as "cliche".[9] Other critics were more positive; one noted that "[t]he visuals are beautiful and deserve attention, while the story looks to be addressing something avoided in American society."[10]


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