Chapterhouse Comics Group
Country of originCanada
Headquarters locationToronto, Ontario
DistributionDiamond Book Distributors[2]
Key peopleFadi Hakim
Kalman Andrasofszky
Jay Baruchel[3]
Publication typesComics

Comic House (formerly Chapterhouse)[4] is a Canadian comic publishing company[5] that publishes books featuring classic Canadian comic book characters such as Captain Canuck and Northguard in a unified comic book universe under Lev Gleason.[6]


Comic House publishes the following characters, comics, and books under the Lev Gleason banner:[7]

Captain Canuck


Captain Battle

Silver Streak






Comic House Archives

The Comic House archives celebrate the rich history of both Chapterhouse and Lev Gleason Publications, releasing past popular issues for the next generation.[8] Titles include:

Captain Canuck (1975)

Beyond: The Quest for Medan (1980)

The Deadly Dozen

The Claw

New Friday

New Friday is an independently curated imprint home for 100% creator-owned books and graphic novels,[9] with many titles available for print and online through the app such as:

The Fourth Planet

Minerva’s Map


51 Hundred

Celery Stalks

Life, Death, and Sorcery



Blood and Motor Oil

1903 ManHunt

Red Leaves


Upcoming titles  

Pieces of Hate




Lev Gleason Library

The Lev Gleason Library releases published novels and other prose. Death Takes Center Stage by DK Latta, featuring Daredevil, was released April 2021, and The “I” of The Needle, a Captain Canuck novel by DK Latta, was also available in early 2021.[10]


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