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Sirius Entertainment
StatusDefunct c. 2007
FounderRobb Horan, Joseph Michael Linsner, Larry Salamone
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationUnadilla, New York
Key peopleRobb Horan (Publisher)
Larry Salamone (President)[1]
Mark Bellis (Managing Editor)[2]
Publication typesComics, trade paperbacks
Fiction genresHorror, fantasy

Sirius Entertainment was an American comic book company which operated from 1994 to c. 2007. Sirius Entertainment was founded by Robb Horan,[3][4] Joseph Michael Linsner, and Larry Salamone,[1] and was dedicated from the outset to publishing creator-owned properties.[1] Originally based in Stanhope, New Jersey, Sirius later moved to Unadilla, New York.[4]

Sirius published popular titles such as Linsner's Dawn, Drew Hayes' Poison Elves, Mark Crilley's Akiko, Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother, and Mark Smylie's epic fantasy Artesia.

Linsner left the company around 2001. In the early 2000s, Sirius signed a bookstore distribution agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors.[4]

Sirius appears to have gone defunct in c. 2007; by 2010, the company's line of back issues were being sold by Horan via his website By 2021 the Sirius Entertainment website,, had changed hands.

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