America Undercover
Written byMark C. Baldwin
Directed by
Presented byOliver Stone
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Executive producerSheila Nevins
ProducerBrent Owens
Production companyAmerica Undercover
Original release
Release1983 (1983) –
2006 (2006)

America Undercover is a series of documentaries that aired on the cable television network HBO from 1983 through 2006.[1] Within the series are several sub-series, such as Autopsy, Real Sex, and Taxicab Confessions.


The series began in 1984[2] and, after a brief time being broadcast weekly in 2001,[3] was later broadcast once per month.[4] In 2006, episodes began being rebroadcast on A&E Network.[5]

Over the years, episodes have covered numerous subjects such as abortion,[6] organized crime,[7] and pedophilia. The show won several awards for the 1998 production of Strippers: The Naked Stages.



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