Amphiptere by Edward Topsell (1608)

Amphiptere (also called Amphithere, Amphitere, or Phipthere; meaning bi-winged, two-winged) is a type of winged serpent found in European heraldry.[1]


A heraldic amphiptere

Amphipteres generally were said to have light-colored feathers like a sunrise, a serpentine body similar to a lindworm, bat-like wings with feathers covering most of the forearm and often greenish in coloration, and a long tail much like a wyvern's tail. Others are described as entirely covered in feathers with a spiked tail, bird-like wings, and a beak-like snout.


Amphipteres saw infrequent use as heraldic devices. Amphipteres are present on the arms of the House of Potier, which depict a bendlet purpure between two amphipteres. The Potier heraldry also uses amphipteres as supporters, as do those of the Duke of Tresmes and Duke of Gesvres.[2]

Modern fiction

Amphipteres appear in other modern fictional works.

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