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Applegreen plc
Euronext DublinAPGN
FoundedDublin, Ireland (1992)
Key people
Bob Etchingham and Joe Barrett (owners)
RevenueIncrease €3.1bn (2019)

Applegreen is an Irish company that operates a number of petrol stations in Ireland, the UK and the US. It also operates convenience stores on its forecourts.

Applegreen petrol station in Forty Hill, Enfield, Great Britain
Applegreen petrol station in Forty Hill, Enfield, Great Britain

Established in 1992, Applegreen is a major petrol forecourt retailer in Ireland with a significant and growing presence in the United Kingdom, and an evolving presence in the US. As at January 2022, Applegreen operates 620 sites employing more than 15,000 people across Ireland, Britain and the US.[1]

Applegreen partners with Burger King, Subway, Costa Coffee, Greggs, Lavazza, Chopstix, Freshii and 7-Eleven. The business also has its own food offering through the aCafé and Bakewell café brands.

The company's service stations are branded as Applegreen , "Discount Fuel Deals", and the generic "Town-name Service Station" for smaller acquisitions. All sell Applegreen own brand products.

Applegreen purchased the majority of UK MSA operator Welcome Break in 2018 for €361.8m.[2]

In 2021, Applegreen acquired the United States toll road service area operations from HMSHost for $375 million.[3]

Applegreen's Global Headquarters is based in Park West Business Park in Dublin, Ireland.

Greenwashing controversy

Applegreen courted controversy in 2020 when it announced an initiative to offset the emissions from its premium fuels, which has been labelled as a greenwashing effort by the fuel brand.[4]

While the campaign claimed to offset all the emissions from its fuels, an exposé from IrishEVs showed that this only included the emissions created from the cars and did not include the emissions from extraction or refinement – which typically account for up to 40% of the total greenhouse gas emissions from petrol and diesel.[5][6]

In February 2022, Applegreen once again was the focus of greenwashing allegations, owing to its school education programme. The initiative, called Biodive, encouraged increased spending on fossil fuel products so that children could win rewards for their school, while the education material itself focused on low-impact biodiversity projects and overlooked the role of fossil fuels in worsening the climate crisis[7]


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