Knutsford Services
The southbound main building.
Knutsford Services is located in Cheshire
Knutsford Services
Knutsford Services
Location in Cheshire, England
Knutsford Services is located in UK motorways
Knutsford Services
Knutsford Services
Location on the UK motorway network
Coordinates:53°18′03″N 2°24′08″W / 53.30097°N 2.40209°W / 53.30097; -2.40209
OperatorMoto Hospitality
Date opened1963[1]

Knutsford services is a motorway service station on the M6 in Cheshire, England.


Aerial photograph of Knutsford Services

The headquarters of Tarmac for the 15-mile North Cheshire M6 section was at Over Tabley. Work on the Cheshire motorway section started on Wednesday 28 June 1961, officially by Sir Wesley Emberton, from junctions 18 to 20.[2]


The contract was awarded to Top Rank on Friday 29 September 1961, for 12 acres, with 48 petrol pumps.[3][4] It was the second service area awarded to Rank. Two 75-seat transport cafes would on either side for truckers; one would be 24hrs, one would be 7am - midnight. The main catering would be on the bridge, with a 90-seat restaurant, and a 96-seat cafeteria.[5] Truckers meals would cost 4s; the truckers menu was formed in consultation with the TGWU.[6] Parking would be for 96 trucks, and 300 cars. Work on the restaurant began on 29 September 1962, to open in August 1963.[7]



The M6 section opened on Friday 15 November 1963 from Hanchurch to Lymm. The motorway section was officially opened at 12pm from the Knutsford restaurant, with the Bishop of Chester Gerald Ellison and Sir Wesley Emberton; the motorway opened to drivers at 4pm. The bishop prayed 'that drivers would exercise courtesy and consideration for others, and that without fear or suffering they might come safely to their journeys end'. Also at the Knutsford opening was the 'lorry driver of the year', Joe Dakin.[9][10] The first manager was Sidney Ash.[11] The site could provide meals for 373 people at once.[12]

Knutsford was one of the country's first motorway service stations. As with many services of the time, there are two sites located on either side of the carriageway, linked by a bridge which features a restaurant and shop. Coaches of north-west football fans would call in, and on the way back, on their journey to London, occasionally requiring extra police.

The services are now owned by Moto.

The service station has a very short exit slip road, close to the A556 exit slip road on the north-bound side of the M6. Slow moving vehicles are often forced to pull into the main carriageway at slow speeds. The station played a pivotal role in comedian Rhod Gilbert's special Rhod Gilbert and the Award-Winning Mince Pie.

The Cheshire Police Motorway Unit has one of its bases here, situated on the southbound side.


In June 2019, four bikers were stabbed at Knutsford Services, which led to the M6 northbound being closed off for some time between junctions 18 and 19.[13]


The service area is in Tabley Superior, directly south of junction 19 of the M6.


The services are located near Knutsford, between junctions 18 and 19 of the M6.


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