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Belarusian Braille
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Belarusian alphabet
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Belarusian Braille is the braille alphabet of the Belarusian language. It is based on Russian Braille, with a couple additional letters found in the print Belarusian alphabet.


Belarusian does not use all the letters of the Russian alphabet, and it has the additional letters і and ў.

Print а a б b в v г g д d е e ё jo ж ž з z і i й j
⠁ (braille pattern dots-1)
⠃ (braille pattern dots-12)
⠺ (braille pattern dots-2456)
⠛ (braille pattern dots-1245)
⠙ (braille pattern dots-145)
⠑ (braille pattern dots-15)
⠡ (braille pattern dots-16)
⠚ (braille pattern dots-245)
⠵ (braille pattern dots-1356)
⠽ (braille pattern dots-13456)
⠯ (braille pattern dots-12346)
Print к k л l м m н n о o п p р r с s т t у u ў ŭ
⠅ (braille pattern dots-13)
⠇ (braille pattern dots-123)
⠍ (braille pattern dots-134)
⠝ (braille pattern dots-1345)
⠕ (braille pattern dots-135)
⠏ (braille pattern dots-1234)
⠗ (braille pattern dots-1235)
⠎ (braille pattern dots-234)
⠞ (braille pattern dots-2345)
⠥ (braille pattern dots-136)
⠬ (braille pattern dots-346)
Print ф f х kh ц c ч č ш š ы y ь э è ю ju я ja  
⠋ (braille pattern dots-124)
⠓ (braille pattern dots-125)
⠉ (braille pattern dots-14)
⠟ (braille pattern dots-12345)
⠱ (braille pattern dots-156)
⠮ (braille pattern dots-2346)
⠾ (braille pattern dots-23456)
⠪ (braille pattern dots-246)
⠳ (braille pattern dots-1256)
⠫ (braille pattern dots-1246)
⠀ (braille pattern blank)

The letters і and ў are the mirror images of й and у, and the і was once found in Russian Braille. (See obsolete letters of Russian Braille.)


Single punctuation:

Print , . ? ! ; : - '
⠂ (braille pattern dots-2)
⠲ (braille pattern dots-256)
⠢ (braille pattern dots-26)
⠖ (braille pattern dots-235)
⠆ (braille pattern dots-23)
⠒ (braille pattern dots-25)
⠤ (braille pattern dots-36)
⠄ (braille pattern dots-3)

Paired punctuation:


italics capital number
⠸ (braille pattern dots-456)
⠨ (braille pattern dots-46)
⠼ (braille pattern dots-3456)

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