Sister channelsFoxtel Networks channels
Launched5 October 2016
Closed7 November 2019
Replaced byFox One
Binge (streaming service)
Streaming media
Foxtel GoChannel 119

Binge (stylized as Binge.) was an Australian 24-hour pay television channel available on the Foxtel platform. Originally scheduled to launch on 1 October 2016,[1] the channel instead launched on 5 October 2016.[2] The channel, similar to sister channel BoxSets, broadcast multiple episodes of drama and comedy programs, allowing viewers to binge-watch a series.[2] Binge was part of the drama pack on channel 119.[3]

The channel was closed on 7 November 2019, then it was replaced by Fox One.[4][5]


The channel was announced on 1 August 2016 as a replacement for SoHo, which would be closed at the same time. Existing programs on SoHo would be migrated to other Foxtel channels, including showcase, TV H!TS, Arena and FOX8.[2][6]

The first program to air was the entire first season of Supergirl.[7]

On 7 November 2019, the channel ceased operations, after which the channel space created in 1995 by FX ceased to exist.

It was revealed on 23 May 2020 that Foxtel had repurposed the brand for a brand new streaming service named BINGE, which would act as a direct competitor to streaming video-on-demand services like Netflix and Stan.[8]


Programming on Binge was aimed at the 18-49 and 25-54 demographic groups.[9]


The channel was only available through the Foxtel platform on channel 119 (originally channel 116).[7]


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