Bread Pakoda

Bread pakora is an Indian and Pakistani fried snack (pakora or fritter). It is also known as bread bhaji (or bajji). A common street food, it is made from bread slices, gram flour, and spices among other ingredients.[1][2]

The snack is prepared by dipping triangular bread slices in a spicy gram flour batter and frying them.[3] Stuffing such as mashed potatoes is common.[4][5] It can be deep-fried or pan-fried, and is served with chutneys or ketchup.[6]


Bread pakora is made by frying a slice of bread dipped in a spiced gram flour batter. It is often served with chutney, like tamarind or cilantro-lime.[2][7]


One variation of bread pakora is adding mashed potatoes to create a sandwich with two slices of bread and then frying it.[2][7]

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