Bruno Jura Hound
A black and tan Bruno Jura Hound
Other namesBruno Jura Laufhund
Breed statusNot recognised as a breed by any major kennel club.
Height 43–59 cm (17–23 in)
Weight 15–20 kg (33–44 lb)
Coat Short
Colour Black and tan
Two-tone brown
Life span 12-13 years
Dog (domestic dog)

The Bruno Jura Hound is a breed of scenthound from the Jura Mountains on the French-Swiss border.


The Bruno Jura Hound is a medium-sized hound; it is usually black and tan or two-tone brown in colour with no white at all.[1][2][3] The Bruno Jura Hound closely resembles the larger St. Hubert Jura Hound, to which it is closely related, although it has less pendulous dewlaps.[2]

Both the Bruno Jura and St. Hubert Jura Hounds are closely related to nearby French hounds; all are believed to have descended from the St. Hubert Hound. The breed is found on both sides of the French-Swiss border; some writers believe it is French in origin, but most describe it as Swiss.[1][2][3][4]

The Bruno Jura Hound is used by hunters in the Jura Mountains on the Swiss side of the French-Swiss border to hunt fox, hare and small deer; it is said to be a very capable follower of faint scents, making it highly valued by local hunters when hunting in the arduous terrain in the area.[2][3]

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