Xiasi Dog
Xiasi Quan dog.jpg
Other namesLower Dog
Breed statusNot recognized as a breed by any major kennel club.
Coat Wire
Color White, cream
Dog (domestic dog)

Xiasi Dog (Chinese: 下司犬)[1] or Lower Division Dog is a breed of dog named after the village of Xiasi, Guizhou Province in China where they have been raised by the Miao people for thousands of years.[2][3] Historically bred as a hunting dog and watchdog, the Xiasi Dog is prized today for bringing wealth to the family.[3] [1] Today the breed is critically endangered with low genetic diversity and an estimate of only 270 purebred Xiasi left.[2][4] Xiasi Dogs are now accepted in most Chinese dog shows.


Xiasi are white or cream in color with wiry hair and a pale pink nose. [2] Their hair comes in three lengths: short, medium and long. Their head should be sizeable, the chest deep and round, and the tail should stick up.[3][5]

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