Liangshan Dog
Other namesLiangshan Hound, Hushan Dog
Weight 15 kg
Dog (domestic dog)

The Liangshan Dog ( 凉山犬 ) is a medium-sized semi-feral scenthound indigenous Yi people of Liangshan Yi Prefecture in China's Sichuan province.[1] Liangshan dogs are prized for their tracking ability, endurance and ferocity while hunting wild boar in mountainous terrain.[2] Liangshan dogs hunt a variety of prey at variable altitudes and climates and are often deliberately underfed to improve drive to be successful.


Liangshan dogs have triangular eyes, rounded drop ears, a short, double coat and bushy curved tails.[1] Their heads are black; however, the rest of their body is a mix of reds, yellows, and grey. It is not unusual for the hairs to be banded.


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