Cape Makkovik Air Station
Part of Pinetree Line
Labrador, Canada
923d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron - Emblem.png
Coordinates55°13′30″N 059°08′45″W / 55.22500°N 59.14583°W / 55.22500; -59.14583 (Cape Makkovik AS N-28A)Coordinates: 55°13′30″N 059°08′45″W / 55.22500°N 59.14583°W / 55.22500; -59.14583 (Cape Makkovik AS N-28A)
TypeRadar Station
Site information
Controlled byAerospace Defense Command
Site history
Built byUnited States Air Force
In use1957-1961
Cape Makkovik is located in Newfoundland and Labrador
Cape Makkovik
Cape Makkovik
Location of Cape Makkovik Air Station, Labrador
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Cape Makkovik Air Station (ADC ID: N-28A) was a General Surveillance Gap Filler Radar station in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, It was located 140 miles (230 km) north-northeast of CFB Goose Bay.[1] It was closed in 1961.[2]


The site was established in 1957 as a manned Gap Filler radar station, built by the United States Air Force, under operational control of Hopedale Air Station and part of Pinetree Line of Ground-Control Intercept (GCI) radar sites.

The station was assigned to Aerospace Defense Command in 1957, and was given designation "N-28A" (later "C-28A)." Aerospace Defense Command stationed the 923d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron at the station in 1957. It operated an AN/FPS-14 manned Gap Filler search radar.[2]

USAF units and assignments


Moved to Hopedale Air Station, 1 October 1953
Inactivated 1961.



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