Syracuse Air Defense Sector
Emblem of the Syracuse Air Defense Sector
CountryUnited States
Branch United States Air Force
RoleAir Defense
Part ofAir Defense Command
Map of Syracuse ADS

The Syracuse Air Defense Sector (SADS) is an inactive United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with the Air Defense Command (ADC) 26th Air Division at Hancock Field, New York.

SADS was established in October 1956 as the 4624th Air Defense Wing, SAGE at Syracuse Air Force Station (AFS), New York, assuming control of former ADC Eastern Air Defense Force units primarily in western New York, most of Pennsylvania and a small portion of western Maryland and eastern West Virginia.[1] It controlled several aircraft and radar squadrons.

On 15 August 1958 the new Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Direction Center (DC-03) and Combat Center (CC-01) became operational. 43°07′19″N 076°06′01″W / 43.12194°N 76.10028°W / 43.12194; -76.10028 (SADS-SAGE DC-03, CC-01) DC-03 was equipped with dual AN/FSQ-7 Computers. The day-to-day operations of the command were to train and maintain tactical units flying jet interceptor aircraft (F-89 Scorpion, F-101 Voodoo, F-102 Delta Dagger) and operating radars and interceptor missiles (CIM-10 Bomarc)in a state of readiness with training missions and a series of exercises with Strategic Air Command and other units simulating interceptions of incoming enemy aircraft. In early 1958, Syracuse AFS was renamed Hancock Field.

The Sector was inactivated on 4 September 1963 when the 26th Air Division headquarters moved to Hancock Field and the Syracuse Sector, in a realignment of sector boundaries, merged with the Boston Air Defense Sector.


Redesignated Syracuse Air Defense Sector on 8 January 1957
Inactivated on 4 September 1963




Niagara Falls Municipal Airport, New York, 1 September 1958 – 1 July 1960
Griffiss AFB, New York, 1 August 1959 – 4 September 1963
Niagara Falls Air Force Missile Site, New York, 1 June 1960 – 4 September 1963

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