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Cheung Chuk Shan College
11 Cloud View Road, North Point, Hong Kong
School typeAided, whole-day co-educational grammar secondary school
Motto“Competent, Conscientious, Studious & Creative”
PrincipalAu Chun Keung
EnrollmentAround 900
Medium of instructionEnglish
Campus Size4,460m²
Cheung Chuk Shan College
Traditional Chinese張祝珊英文中學
Simplified Chinese张祝珊英文中学

Cheung Chuk Shan College is an aided, whole-day co-educational grammar secondary school founded in Hong Kong in 1969 by a group of philanthropists of the Five Districts Business Welfare Association.

The School is named after Cheung Chuk Shan (1882 – 1936), a merchant from Siyi area of Southern Guangdong in the early 20th century.[1]

Significant Events of the School

10 Sept 1969 Official opening of the School for operation
6 Oct 1970 Inauguration Ceremony by Governor Sir David Trench
2 Mar 1972 1st Sports Day
1 Sept 1972 Opening of matriculation course
22 Nov 1972 1st Speech Day
1 Sept 1976 Retirement of Mr. Law Chung Hung and succession of Mr. Leung Sau Chi as Principal
4 Dec 1978 10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
24 Mar 1979 Passing away of Mr. Cheung Yok Luen, Supervisor
27 Apr 1979 Appointment of Mrs. Irene Cheung Yok Luen as Supervisor of the School
4 May 1983 Formation of Old Students’ Association
28 Sept 1984 1st Swimming Gala
15 Dec 1985 1st Parents’ Day
3 Dec 1988 20th Anniversary Nite
16 Dec 1988 20th Anniversary Open Day Opening Ceremony
8 Apr 1989 20th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Dinner
15 May 1993 Passing away of Mr. Law Chung Hung, Founding Principal
29 Oct 1993 Formation of Students’ Association
12 Dec 1993 25th Anniversary Open Day-cum-Parents’ Day Opening Ceremony
1 Sept 1994 Mr. Leung Sau Chi on study leave and appointment of Mr. Yuen Tze Lam, Assistant Principal, as Acting Principal
4 Sept 1995 Resumption of duty of Mr. Leung Sau Chi as Principal
5 Sept 1995 Implementation of School Administration and Management System
22 Jan 1997 Launching of the official homepage of the School on the Internet
1 Sept 1998 Launching of the Sunflower Scheme as a Quality Education Fund (QEF) Project
11 Dec 1998 30th Anniversary Open Day Opening Ceremony
17 Apr 1999 30th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Dinner
15 Jan 2000 Inauguration Ceremony of Parent-Teacher Association
1 Jun 2000 Renovation of Language Laboratory into Multimedia Learning Centre (MMLC) funded by QEF Committee
23 Nov 2000 Visit by Mrs. Fanny Law, GBS, JP, Secretary for Education & Manpower
5 Jul 2001 Opening Ceremony of MMLC
23 Apr 2002 Sir Kenneth Fung resigned as Chairman of the School Management Committee and Mr. Chan Kam Toi elected Chairman of the Committee
15 May 2002 Passing away of Sir Kenneth Fung
29 Mar 2003 School suspension for the prevention of the spread of SARS as advised by Education & Manpower Bureau (EMB)
22 Apr 2003 Resumption of school for S3 students & above
28 Apr 2003 Resumption of school for S1 & S2 students
1 Sept 2003 Resignation of Mr. Leung Sau Chi and succession of Mr. Yuen Tze Lam as Acting Principal
28 Feb 2004 35th Anniversary Nite
11 Jun 2004 35th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Dinner
1 Sept 2004 Implementation of the 6-day cycle to replace the traditional 5-day week

Implementation of the QEF project - "Pleasurable Reading for Excellence"

8 July 2005 Formal locking of the time capsule
3, 8-10 & 14 Mar 2006 Conduct of the 1st External School Review by the EMB
1 Sept 2006 Succession of Mr. Chan Kam Toi to the post of School Supervisor after the resignation of Mrs. Irene Cheung Yok Luen
7 Sept 2007 Conversion of the School Management Committee into the Incorporated Management Committee
4 Oct 2007 1st election of Teacher Managers
23 Oct 2007 Establishment of the CCSC Alumni Foundation Fund
18 Nov 2007 1st election of Parent Managers
16 Dec 2007 1st election of Alumni Manager
7 Sept 2007 Conversion of the School Management Committee into the Incorporated Management Committee
20 Mar 2009 40th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Dinner
28 Mar 2009 40th Anniversary Nite
1 Sept 2010 Beginning of the alternation of the number of S1 classes in each school year between 4 and 5
29 Jun 2012 Release of the Advanced / Advanced Supplementary Level Examination results of the last batch of S7 students of the School
22 - 26 Oct & 1 Nov 2012 Conduct of the 2nd External School Review by the Education Bureau
1 Sept 2013 Retirement of Mr. Yuen Tze Lam and succession of Mr. Au Chun Keung as Principal
1 Oct 2013 Launching of the new official homepage of the School on the Internet
12 Nov 2013 45th Anniversary Opening Ceremony
25 Apr 2014 45th Anniversary Dinner
5 July 2014 45th Anniversary Nite
1 Sept 2015 Admission of a Danish exchange student
27 Feb 2016 Opening of the bouldering wall
22 Aug 2016 Passing away of Mrs. Tang Wong Kin Wa, Economics teacher and Life-wide Learning Coordinator
30 Oct 2016 Passing away of Mrs. Irene Cheung Yok Luen, MBE, JP, Honorary Supervisor
19 May 2018 Golden Jubilee Celebration

Class Structure

There are 27 classes in the School and enrollment remains steady at around 900 students. The number of S1 classes is altered between 4 and 5 on alternate school years since there would be inadequate space to accommodate 30 classes if the School accepted 5 S1 classes every year.


Since its establishment, the School has been adopting English as the medium of instruction. Except Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese History and Putonghua, all subjects are taught in English this school year.

Subjects offered to students:

Subjects S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
Form-teacher Period
English Language
Chinese Language
Extended Module (M1 / M2)
Liberal Studies
Life & Society
Project-based Learning / Independent Enquiry Study
Integrated Science
Information and Communication Technology
Business, Accounting & Financial Studies
Tourism and Hospitality Studies
Chinese History
Chinese Literature
Visual Arts / Art Appreciation
Music / Music Appreciation
Home Economics
Physical Education


Different amenities can be found within the eight-storey building of the School. There are 26 classrooms, 4 science laboratories, a multimedia learning centre, a computer room, a geography room, a music room, an art room, a home economics room, a needlework room, a library, an assembly hall, an outdoor playground, a gymnasium with a bouldering wall and 2 teaching rooms. The assembly hall, all classrooms and special rooms are air-conditioned.

Incorporated Management Committee

Headed by Mr. Chan Kam Toi, the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) comprises 15 members and is responsible for setting the general direction of development for the School and monitoring its operation.

Members of the IMC

Supervisor Mr. Chan Kam Toi
Sponsoring Body Managers Mr. Tang Hon Chau Michael

Mr. Chu Sek Lam

Mr. Leung Sau Chi, BH, JP

Mr. Au Yeung Wing Kenneth

Mr. Chan Hung Kee, MBE, JP

Mr. Chan Chung Wai

Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager Mr. Yuen Tze Lam
Principal Mr. Au Chun Keung
Teacher Manager Mr. Lam Wai Sum
Alternate Teacher Manager Mr. Ng Ho Bun
Parent Manager Mr. Yung Shek Shing
Alternate Parent Manager Mrs. Poon Ng Ching Yee
Alumni Manager Mr. Koo Fong Ngai
Independent Manager Mr. Cheung Kui Tong Raymond

List of Supervisors

List of Principals

Teaching Staff

In the school year 2015 – 16, there are 61 teachers and 60 of them are graduates of whom 23 are holders of a master's degree and 1 is a graduate of College of Education. 95% of the teachers have already received professional training.

Extra-curricular Activities

The School provides multifarious activities and the Free Membership Scheme encourages students to participate in activities organized by different interest groups and clubs. In addition, the School and the Cheung Chuk Shan College Alumni Foundation Fund offer different awards to students with outstanding participation records in extra-curricular activities.

Houses Academic Sports Interest Artistic Services
Blue Business Association Sports Association Astronomy Club Art Club Christian Fellowship
Green Chinese Association AYP Club Campus TV Community Services Student Team
Red English Society Backstage Team Chinese Orchestra IT Prefects
Yellow Geography & Conservancy Society Chess & Board Games Club Drama Club Prefect Body
History Society Flora & Fauna Club Home Economics Club Red Cross Youth Team
Liberal Studies Association IT Club Photographic Club Student Librarian Team
Mathematics Club Magic Club Music Association Students’ Association
Putonghua Club Reading Club Handbell Choir
Science Club Reporters' Club String Orchestra
School Band

Student Performance

In 1997, the school was the top performer of all arts candidates in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE), a student was awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Medal. In 2002, a student procured 10 distinctions in the HKCEE. In the 2016 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, impressive individual performance of a number of students was recorded, the best student securing 5 Level 5**, 1 Level 5* and 1 Level 5. The university admission rate is much higher than the average in Hong Kong.

Students of the School also participate actively in extra-curricular activities, capturing various awards and prizes in the academic, aesthetic, sports and service domains. The Red Cross Youth Team of the School is especially heartening in its development by having been Overall Champion in the Red Cross Outstanding Youth Team Competition for 6 consecutive years (2010 – 16).

Notable alumni

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Ms Hui Hiu Fai Florence, SBS, JP Undersecretary for Home Affairs of the HKSAR Government


Mr. Hui Tin Fook Spokesman of Ching Cheung Incident Concern Group

Member of Lau Chun To Kevin Concern Group

Awardee of the Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service (2006)


Mr. Hui Ching Yu Christopher Assistant Vice President, Mainland Development Department, Hong Kong Exchange
Mr. Lin King Ham General Manager, AMDT Securities & Asset Management Business


Dr. Chan Chuen Wing Assistant Professor at the Departments of Ophthalmology and Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh
Mr. Hui Shing Yan President of the Liberal Studies Teachers' Association
Mr. Hui Sze Ming Mathematics Tutor of Modern Education
Mr. Hui Yong Chung, BBS, JP Principal of QCOBA Secondary School
Mr. Lee Chun Hung Principal of Heep Yun School
Mr. Dr. Ng Tai Ki Associate Dean of Science and Department Head and Professor of Physics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Executive Director of Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education

Mr. Tsang Kai Man Former Principal of Wah Ying College


Ms Lau Ching Yeung Founder of the fashion label "Chictopia"

Social Affairs

Mr. Lo Sze Ping Awardee of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection" (2010)
Mr. Pong Yat Ming Founder of the civil action "A Year without Patronising the Business of the Conglomerates"
Dr. Tse Tze Wah Former President of Médecins Sans Frontières Hong Kong

Mass Media

Mr. Chow Sze Chung One of the founders of Hong Kong In-media


Mr. WONG Yat Ho a.k.a. WONG Chun Kwan, Kurt Former representative of the Hong Kong Swimming Team

Founder of Kurt Swimming Club


Mr. Choi Chi Yan now TV entertainment news host
Mr. Fung Hon Ming Awardee of the Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards The Best Music Arrangement (2011)
Mr. Hui Yiu Pun Former Commercial Radio disc jockey (Young master Law)
Ms Lam Ki Yan Former actress
Mr. Lam Wai Wai Deputy President of a mobile game company
Mr. Leung Pak Kin Cantopop lyrics writer
Mr. Tong Sung Ching Rapper (MastaMic)
Mr. Wong Hoi Kan Singer-songwriter[2]
Ms Wong Yuen Chi Ivana Cantopop Singer-songwriter
Ms Yeung Sze Man Actress (Shrimp head)


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