Healthy Village Phase 1 and 2
Healthy Village Phase 3
Healthy Village
Cantonese YaleGihn hōng chyūn

Healthy Village is a public housing estate and Flat-for-Sale Scheme estate in Tsat Tsz Mui, Hong Kong, developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society. It is divided into 3 phases and located at Tsat Tsz Mui Road (Redeveloped Phase 1, flat for rental and sale), King's Road (Redeveloped Phase 2, flat for sale) and Pak Fuk Road (Redeveloped Phase 3, flat for rental) respectively.[1] It consists of 14 residential blocks (4 for Phase 1, 3 for Phase 2, 7 for Phase 3) completed between 1965 and 1997.[2]


The site of Healthy Village was formerly a squatter area. The area was cleared in the 1950s and the site was handed over to Hong Kong Housing Society for the development of rental housing. Phase 1, located at King's Road, had two blocks built in 1955. Phase 2, located at Tsat Tsz Mui Road, had three blocks built in 1959. Phase 3, located at Pak Fuk Road, had seven blocks built in 1965.

Phase 2 was firstly demolished in 1990[3] and replaced by 4 blocks of Redeveloped Phase 1 in 1993. Two of the blocks are for rental while the other two are for sale. Phase 1 was then demolished in 1993 and replaced by 3 blocks of Redeveloped Phase 2 in 1997.[4] All 3 blocks are for sale. However, Phase 3 blocks built in 1965 have not been redeveloped yet.[5]


Name Phase Type Completion
Pak Yeung Lau Phase 3 rental 1965
Ngan Hang Lau
Hung To Lau
Luk Yip Lau
Chung Shu Lau
Lam Cheuk Lau
Wong Kuk Lau
Hong Wang Court Redeveloped Phase 1 rental 1993
Hong Fai Court
Hong Tai Court sale
Hong Chi Court
Hong Cheung Court Redeveloped Phase 2 sale 1997
Hong Yan Court
Hong Shing Court


According to the 2016 by-census, Healthy Village had a population of 5,227. The median age was 51.4 and the majority of residents (94 per cent) were of Chinese ethnicity. The average household size was 2.4 people. The median monthly household income of all households (i.e. including both economically active and inactive households) was HK$29,000.[6]


Healthy Village is located in Healthy Village constituency of the Eastern District Council.[7] It was formerly represented by James Pui Chi-lap, who was elected in the 2019 elections until July 2021.[8]


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