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22°16′58″N 114°12′59″E / 22.28278°N 114.21639°E / 22.28278; 114.21639

Kornhill, Kornhill Gardens
Kornhill apartment buildings.
General information
Construction started1980; 44 years ago (1980)
Completed1986; 38 years ago (1986)
Traditional Chinese康怡花園
Kornhill Gardens
Traditional Chinese康山花園
Kornhill apartment buildings.
Children's playground

Kornhill and Kornhill Gardens are apartment buildings on the northern slope of Mount Parker, in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Kornhill is a private housing estate and Kornhill Gardens is a Private Sector Participation Scheme estate. The total population is approximately 30,000.


The name comes from a small hill within the area close to the foot of Mount Parker. Kornhill was the site of the company residence of the senior manager of the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and the first senior manager was Ferdinand Korn.[1] The hill was almost levelled by the early 1980s, and can hardly be recognised. The modern-day housing estate was constructed in concert with the MTR Island line and opened by 1987.[2]

Modern development

There are a total 44 blocks, with heights ranging from 20 to 34 storeys, including 42 conventional residential buildings, one block of serviced apartments, and an office tower.[2][3] The residential blocks in Kornhill are named after English letters and there are two blocks of each letter (i.e. A1, A2, D1, D2, P1, P2.) In Kornhill Gardens, the blocks are named in Arabic numbers from 1 to 10. Kornhill Gardens blocks are sold under the HOS Scheme.

Blocks A1 to H2 are on Hong Shing Street (康盛街). Blocks J1 to M2 are on Hong Yue Street (康愉街). Blocks N1 to R2 are on Hong On Street (康安街). There is no block I, O, and S to Z. Blocks 1 to 10 are on southern side (western bound) of King's Road.


MTR Property is responsible for management.


They were developed by Hang Lung, New World Development, and MTR Property.


Primary schools

There are two primary schools:

Kornhill is in Primary One Admission (POA) School Net 14.[4] Within the school net are multiple aided schools (operated independently but funded with government money) and North Point Government Primary School.[5]

Kindergartens and Nurseries

There are nine kindergartens:

Parks and recreation

Greeneries are all around the residential areas.

A clubhouse, in two phases (one near Block B and another near Block H) with two swimming pools, six tennis courts, one squash court, a fitness gymnasium, and a barbecue site is available to club members only.

The Tai Tam (Quarry Bay Extension) Country Park is right next to Hong Shing Street.

Shopping and offices

Kornhill Plaza
AEON Style

A shopping mall Kornhill Plaza (康怡廣場) (North and South, 北座 and 南座) is in between Kornhill and Kornhill Gardens, acrossing Kornhill Road [yue]. A department store AEON is in Kornhill Plaza South. On top of Kornhill Plaza South is the Kornhill Apartments (康蘭居), and on top of Kornhill Plaza North is the Kornhill Metro Tower office building.


Public transport

Major streets and roads


Kornhill has two constituencies within the Eastern District Council.[6] Blocks A1 to M2, together with Sai Wan Terrace and The Floridian, are in the Kornhill (康怡) constituency. Blocks N1[needs update] to R2, and blocks 1 to 10 are in the Kornhill Gardens (康山) constituency.

The current district council members of Kornhill to the Eastern District Council are NGAI Chi Ho Derek[needs update] and LEUNG Siu Sun Patrick.

In the Legislative Council elections, Kornhill belongs to the Hong Kong Island constituency.[needs update]

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