Digi Casse
Also known asDigital Cassette[1]
TypeHandheld game console
Release date
MediaROM cartridge
Power1 to 2 LR44 button cell batteries depending on the model
SuccessorDesign Master Senshi Mangajukuu

The Digi Casse (Japanese: デジカセ, Hepburn: Dejikase) is a handheld game console developed by Bandai and released in Japan in 1984[2] and later in Europe in 1986[1][3] during the second generation of video game consoles. 10 games are known to exist for the system.


Each console came with 2 pack in games.[1] In Japan there were two retail configurations, A and B.[1] Europe had several retail configurations[1] and six games released.



European release


Each game cartridge included an LCD.[4]

The system used one to two LR44 button cell batteries depending on the model.[1][8][9]


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