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GP2X Wiz
GP2X Wiz logo.svg
Gp2xwiz 2.jpg
ManufacturerGamePark Holdings
TypeHandheld game console
GenerationSeventh generation era
Release dateMay 13, 2009
Introductory price$179.99
MediaSD card
Operating systemLinux based
System on a chipMagicEyes Pollux VR3520F
CPUARM926EJ @ 533 MHz
Memory64MB (DDR SDRAM)
Storage1GB NAND Flash
Removable storageSDHC card
SoundCirrus Logic 43L22

The GP2X Wiz is a handheld game console and portable media player developed by South Korean company GamePark Holdings running a Linux kernel-based embedded operating system. It was released on May 12, 2009, and was also the first console from both Game Park and Game Park Holdings to be also released outside South Korea. It is the successor to the GP2X.


An image of the Wiz system was first leaked on the web in late July 2008.[2] Rumors had been circulating that GamePark Holdings was in the process of making a new handheld, since they had abruptly discontinued production of its first handheld, the GP2X, in late June/early July. Prior to the official announcement, this handheld was sometimes referred to as the GP3X.[3]

On August 26, 2008, GamePark Holdings announced that it was planning to release a new handheld, named the Wiz.[4][5] Along with the announcement, a brochure detailing a great amount of launch information was released, complete with the system's specs.[6] The brochure stated that new games would be released every month for the system; This is a deviation from the GP2X, which did not have many commercial games. However, the Wiz still appears to be primarily advertised as an open-source system, meant for homebrew development of games and emulators.

On September 2, 2008, it was reported that the GP2X Wiz's button layout was to be revised, and the second D-Pad on the right-hand side of the system was to be removed. In order to make these design changes, the release of the system was to be pushed back to November 2008.[7]

Around the last week of April 2009, GamePark shipped test units of the GP2X Wiz.[8] These are thought to be the final hardware revision before the actual product launch.

Retailers for the GP2X Wiz stated that they planned to begin shipping the GP2X Wiz as soon as October 8, 2008. As of May 2009, retailers are listing the price of the Wiz at US$179.99.[9] The GP2X Wiz started shipping as of May 13, 2009.[10]

An online application store was set to launch in August of 2009.[11]

Official accessories for the GP2X Wiz include the Accessory Kit (which comes with an SD card case, a wrist strap, and a spare stylus), a screen protector, and a Genuine Leather Case.[12]

The successor of GP2X Wiz is GP2X Caanoo.


In February 2009, South Korean president Lee Myung-bak had stated that "Korea needs to develop a video game console like a Nintendo DS".[13] This statement was parodied with the "Myungtendo MB", an obvious rip-off of the Nintendo DS.[14] While completely unrelated to the Myungtendo incident, the GP2X Wiz is often nicknamed as the "Myungtendo", due to its release shortly after the statement.[citation needed]


The GP2X Wiz has a slim profile compared to the earlier GP2X.
The GP2X Wiz has a slim profile compared to the earlier GP2X.


Based on the specs released by GamePark Holdings, the Wiz appears to have a considerably more slim and compact form factor than that of the GP2X. The Wiz also has a fairly large amount of built in flash memory, which GamePark has stated will be used to hold games that will be included with the system. OLED screens have much better contrast ratios than LCD screens, particularly because, unlike LCDs, they can display true black.

Multimedia support




Flash Player

The system was initially supposed to ship with Flash Player 7.[5] The Wiz also has Flash Player 8 with ActionScript 2.0 support, allowing it to play flash games from the Internet.[18]


The Wiz had only four commercial retail games, these are:[19]

  • Deicide 3: Distorted Existence
  • Propis
  • Redemption: Liar
  • Rhythmos

The Wiz can run many emulators, freeware games, flash games, and applications. The GP2X Wiz comes pre-installed with a number of games on the NAND.

IQ Jump
This is a collection of 5 brain training style games.
  • Look for the same pictures
  • Look for the missing number
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Look for the coin in the saving pocket
  • Crisis Ladder
  • Animatch by Ruckage
  • Square Tower Defence by Alex[20]
  • Wiztern by Chemaris
  • Myriad by Clare Jonsson
  • Tail Tale by Rerofumi
  • Boomshine2x by Peter Roberts[21]
  • Space Varments by Ruckage
Originally a game called Snake on Dope was shipped with the unit, and may have been removed due to copyright issues relating to the music.
Upcoming Games in 2011
  • SORR (Streets of Rage Remake) A fan made tribute to all SOR Games developed by BomberGames took 8 years to make and was released in June 2011 as freeware. (SEGA Blocked its release *See Below*) [22]
Sega are in current negotiations with BomberGames. For the time being SEGA has blocked the game's release, BomberGames are looking for a speedy resolution[needs update]

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