Gumstix, Inc.
Company typePrivate
IndustryComputer hardware
Founded2003; 21 years ago (2003)[1]
HeadquartersRedwood City, California
Key people
Gordon Kruberg, CEO
ProductsComplete computer systems, Gumstix Overo and verdex pro computer-on-modules, and a series of I/O expansion boards with accessories
Number of employees
Under 25 Edit this at Wikidata
A side-by-side size comparison of a US Quarter, a Gumstix Overo Earth, a stick of gum, and the Gumstix Summit expansion board.

Gumstix is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redwood City, California. It develops and manufactures small system boards comparable in size to a stick of gum.[2] In 2003, when it was first fully functional, it used ARM architecture system on a chip (SoC) and an operating system based on Linux 2.6 kernel.[3][4] It has an online tool called Geppetto that allows users to design their own boards. In August 2013 it started a crowd-funding service to allow a group of users that want to get a custom design manufactured to share the setup costs.[4]

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