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The Districts of British India were administrative units of the Government of the British Raj or Indian Empire. Districts were generally subdivisions of the provinces and divisions of British India[1]


Districts, often known as zillas in vernacular, were established as subdivisions of the provinces and divisions of British India that were under Bengal Presidency. Then it was established as subdivisions the most Provinces of British India [2]

Most of the districts that were created during the British Raj became Districts of India after the independence of India and some Districts were joining Pakistan.

Historical districts

The following list includes only districts of British India that were active during the partition of India in 1947

Districts in the Assam Province

Assam Valley Division


Frontier Tracts

Surma Valley and Hills Division

Hill's Districts

Plain Districts

Districts in the Baluchistan Province

Districts in the Bengal Presidency

During the partition of India in 1947, Bengal had 28 districts in 5 divisions

Burdwan Division (Chuchura)

Chittagong Division

Dacca Division

Presidency Division ((Calcutta)

Rajshahi Division (Jalpaiguri)

Districts in the Bihar Province

Bhagalpur Division

Chota Nagpur Division (Ranchi)

Patna Division

Tirhut Division (Muzaffarpur)

Districts in the Bombay Presidency

District of Central Provinces and Berar

Berar Division (Amraoti)

Chhattisgarh Division (Raipur)

Jubbulpore Division

Nagpur Division

District in the Jammu and Kashmir State

Jammu Province



Kashmir Province

Frontier Districts



District in the Hyderabad State

Aurangabad division

Gulbarga Division

Gulshanabad Division (Medak)

Warangal Division

Districts in the Madras Presidency

District in the Mysore State

Districts of North-West Frontier Province

Districts of Orissa Province

Districts of Punjab Province

Ambala Division

Jullundur Division

Lahore Division

Multan Division

Rawalpindi Division

Districts of Sind Province

Districts of United Provinces

Agra Division

Allahabad Division

Benares Division

Faizabad Division

Gorakhpur Division

Jhansi Division

Kumaon Division (Nainital)

Lucknow Division

Meerut Division

Rohilkhand Division (Bareilly)

Other districts

Former Districts

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