Domkach or Damkach is a folk dance of the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhesh province of Nepal. In Bihar and Nepal, Domkach is performed in Mithila and Bhojpur regions.[1] In Uttar Pradesh, it is a kind of festival.[2]

In Jharkhand, it is Nagpuri folk dance.[3] The women and men of groom's and bridegroom's families perform this dance during marriage ceremonies. They form a semi-circle holding the waist of each other. The lyrics of the song are satirical and full of joy. Nagpuri domkach is further divided into Ekharia domkach, Dohri domkach and Jhumta.[4] The dance is named after Dambru, a musical instrument. The dance starts in marriage season after Deouthan in Kartik month (October-November) and continue till Rath Yatra in Ashadh Month (June -July), the start of the rainy season.[5][6]


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