Domkach or Damkach is a folk dance of Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhesh province of Nepal. In Bihar and Nepal, Domkach dance is performed in Mithila and Bhojpur regions.[1] In Uttar Pradesh, it is a kind of festival.[2]

In Jharkhand, it is Nagpuri folk dance.[3] The women and men of groom's and bridegroom's family perform this dance during all major marriage ceremonies. They form a semi-circle to perform this particular dance by holding waist of each other and lyrics of the song are satirical and full of joy. Nagpuri domkach is further divided into Ekharia domkach, Dohri domkach and Jhumta.[4] The dance is named after Dambru a musical instrument. The dance start in marriage season after Deouthan in Kartik month (October-November) and continue till Rath Yatra in Ashadh Month (June -July) in the starting of rainy season.[5][6]


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