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Ex Tempore is a literary magazine published annually by the United Nations Society of Writers, or in French, Societé des écrivains des Nations Unies. The magazine was started in 1989.[1] The editors seek contributions that are "crisp, impromptu, and as far away as possible from the stale UN jargon of declarations, resolutions and reports." 30 numbers have been issued, including the 180-page anniversary 30th compilation in all UN languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The WHO publication New Special, with a circulation of 10,500 copies, published a two-page article by Sarah Jordan in February 2020 "Happy Anniversary" to mark 30 years of the publication of the literary journal (pages 40–41).[2] The April 2020 issue of International Diplomat carries an article entitled "30 Years United Nations Society of Writers" (pages 48–49) and notes "UNSW continues to advocate international solidarity in and through our cultural diversity, and would like to be seen as a herald of democracy. Over the centuries many authors and musicians have shared this vision of universal peace, e.g. Immanuel Kant in his famous essay on Perpetual Peace, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Richard Strauss, who founded the Salzburger Festspiele in 1920 (one hundred years ago!!!) to consecrate music and drama to the task of unifying nations and cultures, expressing the ineffable in music – that highest aesthetic form and vital principle of humanity’s striving for transcendence."[3]

Society of Writers

The Society of Writers was founded on 14 August 1989 by Sergio Chaves of Argentina, Leonor Sampaio of Brazil and Alfred de Zayas of the United States.[citation needed]


Following the well-attended[citation needed] general assembly of UNSW on 11 November 2020, held per Skype in Geneva, the magazine's officers are:

the editorial committee was similarly reelected.[citation needed]

Honorary President: Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General, United Nations Office in Geneva[citation needed]

After 15 years as president of the Society, de Zayas retired from the position on 15 December 2005, remaining as editor of this literary magazine.[citation needed]


Membership in the Society of Writers is open to active and retired staff of the United Nations, specialized agencies, CERN, Permanent Missions and Observer Missions, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organizations and the press corps. There are about 80 members currently in UNSW.[citation needed]



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