Facebook Query Language
First appearedFebruary 2007; 17 years ago (2007-02)
PlatformFacebook Platform
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Facebook Query Language (FQL) is a query language that allows querying Facebook user data by using a SQL-style interface,[1] avoiding the need to use the Facebook Platform Graph API.[2] Data returned from an FQL query is in JSON format by default.


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FQL was first made publicly available in February 2007.[3] FQL is no longer available as of August 7, 2016, when Facebook API 2.0 was no longer available.[4] Facebook API versions newer than API 2.0 do not support FQL.


In the following query, four different types of data are retrieved from a single table (status) and for a single user ("me"):

SELECT status_id,message,time,source FROM `status` WHERE uid = me()

This query can run by querying the Facebook graph endpoint /fql with the parameters set to q=[FQL]


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