TypeCombat Helmet
Place of originIsrael/Chile
Service history
Used byChile
Production history
DesignerRabintex Industries Ltd.
ManufacturerRabintex Industries Ltd.
Baselli Hermanos Brothers S.A.

The GOLFO is a combat helmet of Chilean origin issued to the Chilean Army.[1][2] The helmet is produced locally by the Chilean private firm Baselli Hermanos Brothers S.A. and was introduced in 2000; Made of kevlar, it is capable of stopping a 9×19mm round at 310m.


In January 2006, the Chilean Army issued the Technical Specification CAK-5024 requesting a combat helmet with specific requirements (Protection Level:IIIA according to method NIJ Standard-0101.04.). The "RBH-303 Classic" PASGT-shaped ballistic helmet made by Rabintex Industries Ltd of Israel was selected and adopted in 2000 for Chilean Army usage as the "Rabintex 303 GOLFO." The Chilean-produced version retains the U.S. PASGT helmet shape but is fitted with a European-style head liner.[3]


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