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m/26 Side view.
m/26 Liner, note the omission of the liner band from the previous m/21 model.

The m/26 helmet is a steel helmet that was almost exclusively used by the Swedish Civil Defense, "Civilförsvaret".

A successor to the m/21 steel helmet, the m/26 was of a simplified construction to its predecessor and would be used in secondary roles for years after being formally replaced by the m/37 steel helmet.[1]


Compared to its previous iteration, the M1926 shares the same basic shape but is simplified through the omission of the crest on the top of the shell, the three-crown crest on the front face of the helmet, the rolled edge, and the metal band that attaches the liner to the shell.[2] The liner being the same as on the M1921 but being attached straight to the shell instead of on a separate band.

Sweden would provide Finland with this model helmet as aid during their conflict with the Soviet Union (known as the Winter War). They would also provide Norway with a helmet identical to the M26, called the M31. It would be used during the Norwegian Campaign. The M26 was also delivered to the Norge Police with base in Sweden.


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