Temporal range: Late Cretaceous
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines
Family: Baenidae
Genus: Gamerabaena
Lyson and Joyce, 2010
  • G. sonsalla Lyson and Joyce, 2010 (type)

Gamerabaena is an extinct genus of baenid turtle which existed in North Dakota during the late Cretaceous Period. It is known from a single fragmentary skull that was found in the Maastrichtian-age Hell Creek Formation. It contains the species Gamerabaena sonsalla.[1] Gamerabaena is similar to the genus Palatobaena, but it differs in its lack of a posterior expansion of the triturating (or chewing) surface, a somewhat rectangular skull, and a wide angle between the maxillae. Gamerabaena also has a lingual ridge on the inner side of the jaw that is not seen in Palatobaena.[1]

Gamerabaena is considered the sister taxon of Palatobaena and shares features with both Palatobaena and Plesiobaena. These features, which include slightly upturned eye sockets, are seen as intermediate between the two other genera. While Gamerabaena is known only from the skull, it may belong to the same species as "Baena" hayi, which is known primarily from the shell.[1]

The genus is named after Gamera, a giant flying, fire-breathing turtle from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films.[1]


Cladogram after Tyler R. Lyson and Walter G. Joyce (2009).[2]

Pleurosternon bullockii

Glyptops plicatulus


Neurankylus eximius

Trinitichelys hiatti


Hayemys latifrons


Plesiobaena antiqua

Peckemys brinkman

Cedrobaena putorius

Gamerabaena sonsalla

Palatobaena cohen

Palatobaena bairdi

Palatobaena gaffneyi


Boremys pulchra

Boremys grandis

Eubaena cephalica

Goleremys mckennai

Stygiochelys estesi

Baena arenosa

Chisternon undatum


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