Global Peace Agency
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceOMAC #1 (October 1974)
Created byJack Kirby
In-story information
Agent(s)Renee Montoya
Mister Bones
Buddy Blank

The Global Peace Agency (GPA) is a fictional law enforcement organization in the DC Comics Universe. The organization first appeared in the series OMAC by Jack Kirby.[1] GPA agents are nameless and faceless, using a "cosmetic spray to hide [their] features" because they supposedly "represent all nations".[2]

The Global Peace Agency was brought into the DC Universe proper in Final Crisis #7 (March 2009).


The origins of the Global Peace Agency trace back to the alien psych-historian race known as the Visionaries, dedicated to preserving civilizations "preferably by indirect scientific means". One of the Visionaries, Professor Z, discovered that Earth was on the brink of self-destruction by its own human civilization, which would bring forth the calamity known as the Great Disaster, and he urged the Visionaries' Council of Science to intervene on Earth's behalf. The Council supported Z's research and formed the Global Peace Agency. Disguised as humans, the members of the Global Peace Agency operated on Earth and became a benevolent, though powerful, law enforcement cartel.

The Global Peace Agency helped Earth's scientific community, particularly Doctor Myron Forest, to develop the Brother Eye satellite system, and they also initiated the OMAC Project which transformed meek stockroom clerk Buddy Blank into a "One-Man Army Corps".

After the events of the Final Crisis, (specifically, Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape), they started gathering particularly dangerous technology, such as the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill, Professor Alpheus Hyatt's Time Pool, and the Miracle Machine. All of these were deposited in Electric City, an alien plane of reality that only intersects tangentially and in special occasions with the core DC Universe. They viewed this as removing the seeds of future Crises, and in this endeavor they recruited Nemesis (Tom Tresser) and Cameron Chase.

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