Prefecture-level cityZhongshan
 • Total88.35 km2 (34.11 sq mi)
 • Total93,008
 • Estimate 
 • Density1,100/km2 (2,700/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China standard time)

Huangpu (simplified Chinese: 黄圃镇; traditional Chinese: 黃圃鎮; pinyin: Huángpǔ Zhèn) is a town in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.[1] Huangpu spans an area of 88.35 square kilometres (34.11 sq mi), and has a hukou population of 93,008 as of 2019.[2]


The area was organized as the Huangpu People's Commune (Chinese: 黄圃公社) in 1958.[3] The people's commune was abolished in 1984, and the current iteration of Huangpu as a town was established in 1986.[3]


Major water features in Huangpu include the Guizhou Waterway [zh] in the north of the town, the Jiya Waterway [zh] in the south, the Hongqili Waterway [zh] in the east, and the Huangpu Waterway [zh] in the middle.[3]

Administrative divisions

Huangpu administers 4 residential communities (Chinese: 社区; pinyin: shèqū) and 12 administrative villages (Chinese: 行政村; pinyin: xíngzhèng cūn).[4]

Administrative divisions

Huangpu administers the following 4 residential communities:[4]


Huangpu administers the following 12 administrative villages:[4]


As of 2019, Huangpu has a hukou population of 93,008,[2] however, this excludes the floating population, which is sizable in Zhongshan.[5] A 2022 estimate put the town's hukou population at 100,000, and its floating population at about 48,700.[6] In 2008, Huangpu had a hukou population of 84,876.[3] In the 2000 Chinese Census, Huangpu had a population of 98,373.[5]


In 2022, Huangpu had a total gross domestic product of 12.68 billion renminbi (RMB), a 1.3% increase from 2021.[6] The town's primary sector accounted for 0.773 billion RMB (6.10% of total GDP), while its secondary sector accounted for 7.677 billion RMB (60.54% of total GDP), and its tertiary sector accounted for 4.23 billion RMB (33.36% of total GDP).[6] Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishing accounted for 0.75 billion RMB (5.91% of total GDP).[6] The total retail sale of consumer goods in Huangpu totaled 6.33 billion RMB.[6]

In 2022, Huangpu imported 1.182 billion RMB of goods, and exported 10.404 billion RMB of goods, giving the town a total trade-to-GDP ratio of 91.37%.[6]

The town's budget for 2022 included local revenues of 0.449 billion RMB, and local expenditures of 1.046 billion RMB.[6]

Companies headquartered in Huangpu include Zhongshan Tianmei Electrical Appliances,[6][7] Zhonshan Yuanhe Metal Products,[6][8] and Panshun Plastic.[6][9]


As of 2022, Huangpu has a total of 15 schools, including one private primary school and one nine-year school, serving 18,800 students.[6] The town also has 20 kindergartens, serving 5,947 students.[6]

Huangpu has a public library, four public studies, and a cultural center.[6]


Huangpu has one hospital, one community health center, and 13 community health stations.[6] These facilities are staffed by 1,019 personnel, and host 700 beds, as of 2022.[6]


Provincial Highway 364 [zh] runs through Huangpu.[3]


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