IBM Quantum System Two
DeveloperIBM Research
TypeQuantum computer
Release dateDecember 4, 2023; 2 months ago (2023-12-04)
Dimensions22 ft x 22 ft x 12 ft (including the glass structure)
PredecessorIBM Quantum System One

IBM Quantum System Two is the first modular utility-scaled quantum computer system, unveiled by IBM on December 4, 2023.[1]

It is a successor to the IBM Quantum System One.

It contains three IBM Quantum Heron processors, which can be scaled up due to its modularity, and later upgraded for newer QPU's, as it is fully upgradeable.[1][2]

For its maximum efficiency, it has to be cooled down to a temperature of 2.7 K (-270.45 °C).[3]

Current usage

IBM has stated that their clients and partners are using their 100+ qubit systems to advance science.[1]


IBM has stated that their quantum coupling technology will allow multiple IBM Quantum System Two units to connect together, to create systems capable of running 100 million operations in a single quantum circuit, and later a billion operations, by 2033.[1]


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