Developer(s)IBM Research[1]
Initial releaseNovember 7, 2023; 3 months ago (2023-11-07)
PlatformIBM Watsonx

IBM Granite is a series of foundation models created by IBM for use in Watsonx, a cloud-based data and generative AI platform. It was announced on September 7, 2023,[2][3] and an initial paper was published 4 days later.[4] Granite models are trained on datasets curated from Internet, academic publishings, code datasets, legal and finance documents.[5][1]

Foundation models

A foundation model is an AI model trained on broad data at scale such that it can be adapted to a wide range of downstream tasks.[6]

As of February 2024, Granite's foundation models include Granite.13b.instruct and The "13b" in their name comes from 13 billion, the amount of parameters they have as models, lesser than most of the larger models of the time.[2]

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