Initial releaseMay 9, 2023; 11 months ago (2023-05-09)[1]
Written inPython
EngineMultiple large language models (LLMs)
PlatformCloud computing platforms

Watsonx is IBM's commercial generative AI and scientific data platform based on cloud. It offers a studio, data store, and governance toolkit. It supports multiple large language models (LLMs) including IBM Granite.[2][1]

The platform is described as an AI tool tailed to companies and a one which can be customized for customers' needs and trained on their confidential data, as client data is said to be not collected by IBM for further training of their models. It is also capable of fine-tuning, an approach which makes training pre-trained models on the newly introduced data possible.[3]


Watsonx was revealed on May 9, 2023, at the annual Think conference of IBM as a platform that includes multiple services. Just like Watson AI computer with the similar name, Watsonx was named after Thomas J. Watson, IBM's founder and first CEO.[1]

On February 13, 2024, Anaconda partnered with IBM to embed its open-source Python packages into Watsonx.[4]

Watsonx is currently used at ESPN's Fantasy Football App for managing players' performance.[5] It is also used by Italian telecommunications company Wind Tre.[6] Watsonx was used to generate editorial content around nominees during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards.[7]



Watsonx.ai is a platform that allows AI developers to leverage a wide range of LLMs under IBM's own Granite series and others such as Facebook's LLaMA-2 and models present in Hugging Face community for a diverse set of AI development tasks.[8][9] These models come pre-trained and are designed to excel in various Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, encompassing question answering, content generation, summarization, text classification, and data extraction. The platform allows fine-tuning with its Tuning Studio, allowing those models to learn the data provided by customers.[10]


Watsonx.data is a platform designed to assist clients in addressing issues related to data volume, complexity, cost, and governance as they scale their AI workloads. This platform facilitates seamless data access, whether the data is stored in the cloud or on-premises, through a single entry point, offering simple use for users who may not possess technical expertise. This approach prioritizes data security and compliance.[10]


Watsonx.governance is a platform that utilizes IBM's AI governance capabilities to support organizations in implementing comprehensive AI lifecycle governance. This helps them manage risks and maintain compliance with evolving AI and industry regulations. The platform allows organizations to reduce AI bias by overseeing their AI initiatives, leveraging software automation to enhance risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and ethical considerations.[10]

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