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IBM SkillsBuild (previously, IBM Academic Initiative) is an American online educational website and initiative product of IBM established in 2005. It offers free digital training in STEM, computer study, cyber, information technology and other sciences through various courses. It hosts soft skills training courses as well.[1][2] It has partnership with several universities in US.[3] In October 2022 partnered with Hispanic Heritage Foundation to boost diversity.[4][5][6] IBM has partnership with VA Dept. on veterans training through Skillbridge Program.[7][8]

IBM SkillsBuild works with Indian government Directorate General of Training under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) as well.[9]

Selected courses

It has four foundation courses: Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals, Data Fundamentals, Information Technology Fundamentals.[citation needed]


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