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A ChampBoat at the 2006 Minneapolis race.

Inshore powerboat racing is a form of water-based motorsport using powerboats in sheltered or inland stretches of water, including lakes, rivers, docks and sheltered bays. It is often referred to as circuit powerboat racing because of the frequency of inshore races to use the format of a circuit loop, around which boats race for a number of predetermined laps.

International races and championships are administered by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) while national events are organised by the relevant country's own powerboat association.


An F1 powerboat rounding a buoy

There are numerous categories that define the levels of competition for inshore powerboat racing. Much like circuit car racing, the highest levels are designated "Formula" followed by a number, and the principal of these is the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship. Each "Formula" level follows a different set of regulations that specify the design of the boat and engine, as well as the rules of competition.

The most common form of inshore powerboat racing involves a race around a two pin (buoy) or multi-pin circuit of approximately 1.5 – 2 km in length. Each pin marks a turn in the course. Races will vary in duration, normally no more than 45 minutes, but endurance category races can last much longer, such as the "24 Hours of Rouen".

Historically, powerboat racing has been defined by 'classes' and this is still the case in offshore powerboat racing where Class 1 is the premier category. For inshore racing, up until the creation of Formula 1, the OZ, ON, and OE classes were regarded as the most prestigious categories.

The following Formula categories are currently sanctioned by the UIM:

Category Date founded Current champion Notes
Formula 1 1981 United Arab Emirates Shaun Torrente Formerly known as both the ON and OZ classes.
Formula 2 2002 Portugal Duarte Benavente
Formula 4 2005 Finland Alexander Lindholm
Formula 4S 2010 Germany Max Stilz Runs as a support category on the F1 tour.
Formula 500 2004 Slovakia Marian Jung European championship ran from 1987-2002.
Formula 350 2006 Italy Claudio Fanzini
Formula 250 2001 Hungary Peter Bodor
Formula 125 2004 Italy Alex Zilioli
Formula R1000 2002 Germany Reinhard Gerbert
Brodenbach F-4s start

The following non-Formula categories are also sanctioned by the UIM:

National competitions

As well as global and continental championships, individual nations have thriving domestic scenes too. In particular the United States, but also many countries in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In recent years, the sport has become very popular in the Persian Gulf region, particularly the United Arab Emirates and also Qatar.

Boat designs

Many inshore championships utilise variations on the catamaran style boat design, particularly the higher levels of the sport. In lower categories however, different designs are utilised which are determined by the class regulations. In these instances, traditional V hulls and inflatables are common and are the accepted way for younger pilots to gain experience and progress through to the more powerful catamarans.

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