Libyan Americans
Total population
2,979 (2000 US Census)[1]
9,000 (Libyan-born; 2008–2012)[2]
Regions with significant populations
Arabic (Libyan Arabic), American English, Amazigh languages, Hebrew (Jewish population)
Sunni Islam, Judaism

Libyan Americans (Arabic: الليبيون الأمريكيون) are United States citizens of Libyan descent or Libyan citizens who also have United States (US) citizenship.

Most Libyan Americans speak Arabic and English. According to the 2000 Census there were 2,979 Americans who claimed Libyan ancestry.[1]

Some Libyan American associations are the Libyan American Organization,[3] Libyan American Friendship Association (LAFA),[4] Libyan American Association in Southern California[citation needed] and Libyan American Association of Georgia.[5]

The Libyan American Organization have as goal the Libya defense, promote political awareness among its members and integrate to all community in the association. In addition, the organization wants to improve education, health care and infrastructure of Libya. The association hopes to have the community support in order to "rebuilding our beloved country".[3]

Libyan American Friendship Association (LAFA) have as goal promote friendship between the Libyan and U.S., making dialogue the two peoples by holding international meetings and symposia, for the creation of programs and projects that help both peoples to establish ties. The organization celebrates coordinate visits between institutions of "economic, social, scientific and national / civil joint".[4]

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