This is a list of national, regional and local radio stations owned by the BBC in the United Kingdom.

List of national radio stations

FM, AM, DAB, TV and online platforms only

Radio Description
BBC Radio 1 2021.svg
BBC Radio 1
97-99 FM
A mix of popular chart and new music aimed at a young audience.
BBC Radio 1 Dance 2022.svg
BBC Radio 1 Dance
A mix of classic, current and future dance music.
BBC Radio 1 Relax 2022.svg
BBC Radio 1 Relax
A mix of relaxing and meditating music.
BBC Radio 1Xtra 2021.svg
BBC Radio 1Xtra
Hip hop, R&B, soul, gospel, bhangra and garage.
BBC Radio 2 2022.svg
BBC Radio 2
88-91 FM
A mix of music and religious programming aimed at an adult audience.
BBC Radio 3 2022.svg
BBC Radio 3
90-93 FM
Classical, jazz, world music, arts, culture and drama.
BBC Radio 4 2022.svg
BBC Radio 4
198 LW
92-95 FM
Spoken-word programming.
BBC Radio 4 Extra logo 2022.svg
BBC Radio 4 Extra
Archive programming.+
BBC Radio 5 Live 2022.svg
BBC Radio 5 Live
693, 909, 990 MW
News, current affairs, discussion and sport.
BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra 2022.svg
BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra
Additional sports coverage.
BBC Radio 6 Music 2022.svg
BBC Radio 6 Music
Multi-formatted station that plays lesser-known genres with a dose of archived and live concerts.
BBC Asian Network 2022.svg
BBC Asian Network
Station for the British Asian community.
BBC World Service 2022 (Boxed).svg
BBC World Service
International radio station for news and current affairs, replacing BBC Radio 4 during the night, available in various ways around the world.

List of regional radio stations



Northern Ireland

List of local radio stations in England

BBC Local Radio logo
BBC Local Radio logo


East Midlands


North East & Cumbria

North West


South East

South West & Channel Islands


West Midlands


Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

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