Polish Armament in 1939–45 article is a list of equipment used by Polish army before and during the Invasion of Poland, foreign service in British Commonwealth forces and last campaign to Germany with the Red Army in 1945.[1] The list includes prototype vehicles.




Strategic and photo-reconnaissance aircraft

Air Ambulance



Foreign aircraft

Aircraft in use by Polish Air Force in France (1939–1940)

Aircraft in use by Polish Air Force in Great Britain (1940–1947)

Aircraft in use by Polish Air Force in Soviet Union (1943–1945)

Tanks, armored cars and other military vehicles

Tankettes/light tanks

Medium tanks

Self-propelled vehicles/Tank destroyers

Heavy tanks

Armored cars and half-tracks

Captured German/Italian vehicles

Armored cars, motorcycles, trucks, half-tracks, jeeps

Armored trains and annex equipment

Improvised armoured trains

Small Arms

Edged weapons


Submachine gun

Rifles and Carbines

Machine guns


Grenade launchers

Anti-tank weapons



Field Canons


Mountain guns

Anti-tank guns

Anti-aircraft guns

Naval weapons

Surface vessels, submarines and other ships

Coastal artillery defenses

River boat local project


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