Small arms


Submachine guns

Machine guns

The Bren was the main British light machine gun(LMG) of the war





Soldier with No 2 mk II "lifebuoy"

Infantry anti-tank weapons

Boys anti-tank rifle which was the main infantry anti-tank weapon of the British Army in the early war
PIAT (Projector, Infantry, Anti-tank) along with ammunition


QF 2-pounder anti-tank gun was in use at start of war
The QF 6-pounder replaced the 2-pdr
BL 5.5 inch medium gun was introduced mid war for medium gun batteries

Anti-tank guns

Guns and howitzers

Coast defence guns
Railway guns

Anti-aircraft artillery

40mm Bofors guns in Greece 1940
QF 3.7 inch Heavy anti-aircraft gun set up for firing


3 inch mortar with crew.


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Light tanks

Light tank VI, main British early war light tank

Medium tanks

The M4 Sherman was most widely used allied tank of the war. Obtained from the US through lend-lease

Cruiser tanks

The Cruiser Mark VI Crusader was the main British mid war cruiser tank. In late 1942 they were supplanted by American tanks such as the M3 Lee and M4 Sherman.

Infantry tanks

Churchill infantry tank was one of the heaviest (most armoured) allied tanks of world war II

Other tanks

Self-propelled guns

Archer was a powerful 17-pounder anti-tank gun on Valentine chassis
Bishop was a 25-pounder gun mounted on a Valentine chassis

Other armoured fighting vehicles

Universal carrier which was British personnel carrier that served from 1940 through all of the war
M3 Half track used as personnel carrier and provided to British forces through lend-lease

Utility vehicles

Austin K2/Y military ambulance
Bedford OYD general service transport for troops and cargo
Morris C8 Quad field artillery tractor with 25pdr gun and limber


Aerial bombs

British aerial bombs: 2000lb, 4000lb and 12000lb blockbusters, 1000lb and 500lb GP bombs

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