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This is a bibliography of works on World War II.

The bibliography aims to include primary, secondary and tertiary sources regarding the European theatre of World War II (1939–1945) and the Pacific War (1941–1945). By extension, it includes works regarding the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945). Additionally, the scope of the bibliography expands to the causes of World War II and the immediate aftermath of World War II, such as evacuation and expulsion and war crimes trials (such as the Nuremberg Trials and the Tokyo Trials). Works on the causes or the aftermath of World War II should only be included if they describe the respective events in the specific context of and relation to the conflict itself.

There are thousands of books written about World War II; therefore, this is not an all-inclusive list. This bibliography also does not aim to include fictional works (see World War II in popular culture). It does not aim to include self-published works, unless there is a very good reason to do so.

Origins of World War II

The following lists should include works of secondary literature that are concerned mainly with the origins of World War II in general or with the entry into World War II by one particular country.

Military history, by theater

Global military history

Europe, by theater or front

Main article: Bibliography of World War II battles and campaigns in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

Asia, by theater or front

Main article: Bibliography of World War II battles and campaigns in East Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific

Military history, by type of warfare

Aerial warfare

For general histories of national air forces, check the "specific military branches" section. For development of airplanes and technical histories, check the "science and technology" section.

Aerial warfare by country


United States

Kamikaze and suicide attacks

Strategic bombing, general

German strategic bombing of the United Kingdom

Western Allied strategic bombing of Germany and German-occupied Europe

Land warfare

For the history of specific theaters or specific units, see the respective sections.

Airborne warfare and paratroopers

Amphibious warfare and naval infantry

For histories of the United States Marine Corps, see the respective section under in the specific branches section.

Anti-aircraft warfare

Armored cars

Armored warfare and tank forces


Military fortifications

Naval warfare


Aircraft carriers


Naval battles, Pacific (1941–1945)

Submarine warfare

Military history, by national militaries and national military branches

National militaries



Poland, whole military

Soviet Union, whole military

United Kingdom, whole military

United States, whole military

Specific military branches

Australia, military branches

Australian Army

Royal Australian Navy

Royal Australian Air Force

Belgium, military branches

Belgian Army

Canada, military branches

Canadian Army

Royal Canadian Air Force

Royal Canadian Navy

France, military branches

French Army

Germany, military branches

German Air Force (Luftwaffe)

German Army (Heer)


Japan, military branches

Imperial Japanese Army

Imperial Japanese Navy

New Zealand, military branches

Royal New Zealand Navy

United Kingdom, military branches

British Army

Royal Navy

Royal Air Force

United States, military branches

U.S. Army Air Forces

U.S. Army (without USAAF)

U.S. Marine Corps

U.S. Navy

Military history, by specific military units, formations and warships

Main articles: Bibliography of World War II military units and formations and Bibliography of World War II warships

Military history, war crimes

Works that are mainly concerned with war crimes trials and persecution of war criminals after the conclusion of the war should be placed in the appropriate list in the "Aftermath of World War" section.

Allied war crimes

American war crimes

Soviet war crimes

Axis war crimes

Croatian war crimes

German war crimes

See also: Bibliography of The Holocaust

Military history, occupation and occupied territories

American occupation

Occupation after 1945 should be covered in the postwar section.

American occupation of Italy until 1945

British occupation

Occupation after 1945 should be covered in the postwar section.

British occupation of Italy until 1945

German occupation

German occupation of Belgium

German occupation of Denmark

German occupation of France

German occupation of Italy

German occupation of Norway

German occupation of Poland

German occupation of the Soviet Union

German occupation of Yugoslavia

Japanese occupation

Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)

Military history, other

Colonial troops

United Kingdom, colonial troops

Grand strategy

Allied grand strategy

Axis grand strategy

Insignia and military symbols

Prisoners of war

National and regional histories of World War II

The following lists should include works focussed mainly on the history of a particular nation, state, or country during World War II. Histories of sovereign states as well as of colonial subjects and of cultural regions are of interest. Histories concerned with a particular theater of war should be placed in military history. For instance, a history of Poland during World War II should be placed in this section, but a history on 1939 invasion should be placed in the respective segment in the military history section.


Colonial names should be sorted alphabetically after their colonial name without colonial overlord identifiers. Colonial identifiers should be added with a comma, current countries names should be placed in brackets.


Basutoland, British (Lesotho)

Bechuanaland, British (Botswana)


North Africa, French (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia)

Northern Rhodesia, British (Zambia)

South Africa


Note that the Middle East has its own section.


India, British

Indochina, French (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos)




The Americas





United States



Austria was part of Germany between 1938 and 1945 (see: Anschluss). This section contains books relevant specifically to that segment of the German Reich in the timeframe or to the postwar Republic of Austria in its relationship to World War II.









See also: List of books about Nazi Germany

For books specifically about German-owned Austria between 1938 and 1945, see the "Austria" section.



Italy (Kingdom)






See also: Bibliography of Poland during World War II



Soviet Union

Main articles: Bibliography of the Soviet Union during World War II and Bibliography of Stalinism and the Soviet Union





United Kingdom


The Middle East


Fr. Syria (Syria, Lebanon)





New Zealand

Science and technology

Aircraft development and specific aircraft types



United Kingdom

United States

Jet engines

Nuclear technology and atomic weapons

Secondary literature, other


Art and artists


Soviet Union

United Kingdom

United States

Biographies and person-focussed works

The following lists should include works of secondary literature concerned with a singular person that participated in World War II, as well as with the context and content of that service. These books can either be full biographies or be person-focussed studies of the respective subject's wartime service. The subjects of the biography should be listed (preferably wikilinked) after the respective bibliographical entry to ease searching.

Collections of biographies

Military, generals/admirals

France, biographies of generals/admirals

Germany, biographies of generals/admirals

Japan, biographies of generals/admirals

Soviet Union, biographies of generals/admirals

United Kingdom, biographies of generals/admirals

United States, biographies of generals/admirals

See also: Bibliography of Dwight Eisenhower


Military, other

Canada, biographies of military personnel (non-generals/admirals)

United Kingdom, biographies of military personnel (non-generals/admirals)

United States, biographies of military personnel (non-generals/admirals)

Politicians, political leaders, monarchs

This section should be limited to those persons who were politicians and political leaders during World War II. Postwar political leaders should be placed in the sections relevant to their wartime experience.

Australia, biographies of political figures

Belgium, biographies of political figures

France, biographies of political figures

Germany, biographies of political figures

See also: Bibliography of Adolf Hitler

Soviet Union, biographies of political figures

United Kingdom, biographies of political figures

United States, biographies of political figures

See also: Bibliography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bibliography of Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bibliography of Harry S. Truman


United States, biographies of scientists

Writers and poets

Soviet Union, biographies of writers/poets

Victims of genocide or ethnoracial persecution/oppression


Japanese Americans


Victims of warfare


Diplomatic history

The following lists should include works of secondary literature that are concerned mainly with diplomacy and foreign affairs during as well as immediately before and after World War II.


Allied diplomacy

Allied conferences

Atlantic Conference (Atlantic Charter, 9–12 August 1941)

Casablanca Conference (14–24 January 1943)

Yalta Conference (4–11 February 1945)

Axis diplomacy

German-Soviet cooperation, 1939–1941

Neutral diplomacy

Economic history, resource production, agriculture



Economic history by country


United States

Lend-lease deliveries

See also the literature on convoy warfare in the naval military history section.

Natural resources

Intelligence and espionage

The following lists should include works of secondary literature that are concerned mainly with spies, espionage, covert operations, intelligence agencies and secret services during World War II.


Allied intelligence services

Allied military deception operations

Axis intelligence services

Literature and fiction

Official histories

The following list should include official histories issued by governments and state actors after World War II.

Official histories of World War II
Country Title Volumes
 Australia Long, Gavin, ed. (1952–1977). Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Vol. 1–22. Canberra: Australian War Memorial. 22
 Canada Stacey, Charles P., ed. (1955–1960). Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War. Vol. 1–3. 3
Feasby, W. R., ed. (1953–1956). Official History of the Canadian Medical Services, 1939–1945. Vol. 1–2. Ottawa: Queen's Printer. 2
 Germany Boog, Horst; et al., eds. (1979–2008). Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg (in German). Vol. 1–10/2. Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt.[OH 1][OH 2][OH 3] 13
 India Singh, Brig. R., ed. (1950s). Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War 1939–45. 8
 Japan Senshi Sōsho, 102 volumes[OH 4]
 Netherlands De Jong, Loe, ed. (1969–1991). Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog [The Kingdom of the Netherlands During World War II] (in Dutch). Vol. 1–14. Amsterdam: NIOD. 14
 Norway Johnson, Gudrun; Gardner, Johan (1949–1951). Ording, Arne (ed.). Våre falne 1939–1945 [Our Fallen 1939–1945] (in Norwegian). Vol. 1–4. Oslo: Norwegian Government. 4
 New Zealand Kippenberger, Howard; Fairbrother, Monty C., eds. (1949–1986). Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939–45. Wellington: War History Branch. 48
 Soviet Union/ Russia[OH 5] Istoriia Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voiny Sovetskogo Soiuza 1941–1945 [Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, 1941–1945]. 1960–1965. 12
 United Kingdom History of the Second World War[OH 6] Gibbs, Norman; et al., eds. (1949–1988). History of the Second World War: Military Series. Her Majesty's Stationery Office.[OH 7] 36
Hancock, Keith; et al., eds. (1949–1993). History of the Second World War: Civilian Series. Her Majesty's Stationery Office.[OH 8] 28
Woodward, Llewellyn; et al., eds. (1970–1976). History of the Second World War: Foreign Policy. Her Majesty's Stationery Office.[OH 9] 5[OH 10]
Hinsley, F. H.; et al., eds. (1966–1993). History of the Second World War: Intelligence. Her Majesty's Stationery Office.[OH 11] 7[OH 10]
Dunn, Cuthbert; et al., eds. (1952–1972). History of the Second World War: Medical Volumes. Her Majesty's Stationery Office.[OH 12] 21
 United States Craven, Wesley Frank; Cate, James Lea, eds. (1948–1958). The Army Air Forces in World War II. University of Chicago Press. 7
Greenfield, Kent Roberts; et al., eds. (1946–1998). United States Army in World War II. U.S. Army CMH. 78
Morison, Samuel Eliot, ed. (1947–1962). History of United States Naval Operations in World War II. Little, Brown and Company. 15
The "Magic" Background of Pearl Harbor. Vol. 1–5 (+3 Appendices). U.S. Government Printing Office. 1977. 8
  Vatican City Blet, Pierre; et al., eds. (1965–1981). Actes et documents du Saint Siège relatifs à la Seconde Guerre Mondiale [Acts and Documents of the Holy See related to the Second World War]. Libreria Editrice Vaticana. 11


  1. ^ Not technically an official history by the German government, however issued under the supervision of and funded and published by the Military History Research Office, an agency of the German Bundeswehr.
  2. ^ Volumes numbered 1 through 10; but volumes 5, 9 and 10 split into two parts each, for a total of 13 volumes.
  3. ^ Volumes 1 through 9/2 available in English translation, volumes 10/1 and 10/2 yet to be translated.
  4. ^ Three volumes related to the Dutch East Indies campaign translated into English under the supervision of Leiden University; no other English translations available
  5. ^ Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian state archives and publishers have largely taken over the publication of the Soviet official histories.
  6. ^ Five different series, for a total of 97 volumes, not counting two abridgements of other volumes.
  7. ^ Divided into several segments: "Grand Strategy" (six volumes), "The War at Sea" (four volumes), "The Strategic Air Offensive against Germany" (four volumes), "Defence of the United Kingdom" (one volume), "The Campaign in Norway" (one volume), "The War in France and Flanders, 1939–40" (one volume), "Victory in the West" (two volumes), "War against Japan" (five volumes), "The Mediterranean and the Middle East" (six volumes, with volume VI split in three parts, for a total of eight volumes), and "Civil Affairs and Military Government" (four volumes).
  8. ^ Divided into three areas: "Introductory" (four volumes), "War Production" (seven volumes) and "General Series" (seventeen volumes)
  9. ^ Divided into five volumes, with a previously released abridged version (1962).
  10. ^ a b Abridged version not counted
  11. ^ Divided into the segment "British Intelligence in the Second World War" (five volumes, with the third volume split in two parts, for a total of six volumes; as well as an abridged version (1993)) and the individual work "SOE in France" (1966, repr. 2004).
  12. ^ Divided into five segments: "The Emergency Medical Services" (two volumes), "The Royal Air Force Medical Services" (three volumes), "The Royal Naval Medical Service" (two volumes), "The Army Medical Services" (split into "Administration" (two volumes) and "Campaigns" (five volumes), for a total of seven volumes), and "The Civilian Health and Medical Services" (two volumes). Additionally, there are five volumes not in any segment ("Medical Services at War: The Principal Lessons of the Second World War", "Medicine and Pathology", "Surgery", "Medical Research", "Casualties and Medical Statistics").

Mass media

Women's history

Biographies of individual women are to be found in the biographies section.

Sexual assault and rape during World War II

Women in combat roles during World War II

Women's history, by country


Soviet Union

United Kingdom

United States

Aftermath of World War II

The following lists should include works of secondary literature concerned with the immediate and short-term aftermath of World War II, giving strong priority to such works that describe said events in specific relation and reference to World War II.


Establishment of the Eastern bloc

Expulsion and refugee movements

Fugitive war criminals

Liberated territories

Postwar occupation



War crimes trials


See also: Nuremberg Trials bibliography


Direct accounts and primary literature

Diaries, letter collections, transcripts of private conversations

The following lists should include diaries or letter collections written (at least partially) during World War II. The list should be focussed on works that were written during the war for either personal or restricted private consumption, and without authorial intent for widespread publication.


Belgium, civilian diaries

Germany, civilian diaries

Netherlands, civilian diaries

United Kingdom, civilian diaries

Journalists and war correspondents

United States, journalists' diaries


Australia, military diaries

Canada, military diaries

Germany, military diaries

United Kingdom, military diaries

United States, military diaries

Politicians, political leaders, diplomats

Canada, politician diaries

France, politician diaries

Germany, politician diaries

Italy, politician diaries

Soviet Union, politician diaries

Memoirs and autobiographies

Main article: Bibliography of World War II memoirs and autobiographies

Study aides and tertiary literature


Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and lexicons

The following list should include encyclopedias of World War II, i.e. reference works or compendiums containing multiple short entries that are sorted alphabetically.

Source collections

The following list should include source collections, i.e. collections of primary documents or accounts about or in reference to World War II.


This list should include bibliographies, i.e. listings of books, about World War II.

See also