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The following is a partial list of apps with Google Cast support, and the platforms on which each can run. The first Google Cast receiver released was Google's Chromecast in July 2013; a digital media player in the form of an HDMI dongle, the device streams media wirelessly via Wi-Fi after a selection is made through a supported mobile or web app, such as those listed below. Unofficial Google Cast receivers followed, before Google released a second official receiver, the Nexus Player, in November 2014.

For information on Chromecast's app history and software development kit, see Chromecast software development kit and compatible apps.

* = PC-compatible (computers running Windows, macOS, Linux, or ChromeOS) web apps cited here require the Chrome browser, with the Google Cast extension[1] installed, and have support for casting built into the website itself, without the need for "tab casting."

Table of Google Cast compatible apps

Name PC* Android iOS Vendor Type
AllCast[2] No Yes Yes ClockworkMod Multimedia
AllConnect[3] No Yes Yes Tuxera
Amazon Prime Video No Yes Yes, Inc. Video
AOL On[4] No Yes Yes AOL/Verizon Media Video
ARD[5] Yes Yes Yes ARD Multimedia
BBC America[6] Yes Yes Yes BBC America Video
BBC iPlayer (UK only)[7] Yes Yes Yes BBC Multimedia
BBC Sport (UK only)[8] No Yes Yes Video
Boomerang[9] No Yes Yes Warner Bros.
Big Web Quiz for Chromecast[10] No Yes Yes Google Game
blinkbox Movies (UK only)[11] No Yes Yes Tesco Video
blinkbox Music (UK only)[12] No Yes Yes Audio
BritBox UK (UK only)[13] No Yes Yes BritBox SVOD Ltd Video
BT Sport (UK only)[14] No Yes Yes BT Group
BTN2Go[15] No Yes Yes Big Ten Conference
CanalPlay (France only)[16] Yes Yes Yes Canal+
Cartoon Network[17] No Yes Yes Warner Bros.
CBC[18] Yes Yes Yes Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBS[19] Yes Yes Yes ViacomCBS
CBS Sports[20][21] Yes Yes Yes CBS Interactive
Checkers For Chromecast[22] No No Yes David Phan Game
CinemaNow[23][24] No Yes Yes CinemaNow Video
Cmore[25] No Yes Yes Cmore
Comedy Central[26] No Yes Yes ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Connect Four Quads[10] No Yes Yes Hasbro Game
Crackle[27] Yes Yes Yes Crackle Video
Crunchyroll[28] Yes Yes Yes Crunchyroll
CuriosityStream[29] Yes Yes Yes CuriosityStream
DailyBurn[30] Yes Yes Yes IAC/InterActiveCorp
Dailymotion[31] No Yes Yes Vivendi
Deezer (available in select regions[32])[33] No Yes Yes Deezer Audio
Discovery Go[34] No Yes Yes Discovery, Inc. Video
Disney+[35] Yes Yes Yes The Walt Disney Company
DramaFever[36] No Yes Yes Warner Bros.
DRTV[37] Yes Yes Danish Broadcasting Corporation
DS Audio[38] (requires Synology NAS device) No Yes Yes Synology Inc. Audio
DS Video[38] (requires Synology NAS device) No Yes Yes Video
Encore Play[26] Yes Yes Yes Starz Inc./Lionsgate
Epix Go[26] No Yes Yes Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
ErosNow[39][40] No Yes Yes Eros International
Eurosport Player[41] Yes Yes Yes Discovery Networks Northern Europe
Flixster (US only)[42] Yes Yes Yes Fandango Media, LLC.
FOX NOW[43] Yes Yes Yes Fox Broadcasting Company
Fox Sports Go[44][45][46] Yes Yes Yes[47] Yes Yes Yes France Télévisions Multimedia
Fullscreen[48] Yes Yes Yes Fullscreen Video
FXNOW[43] Yes Yes Yes FX Network LLC
Gaiam TV[49][50] No Yes Yes Gaiam
Google Photos[51] Yes Yes Yes Google Photo
Google Podcasts No Yes Yes Audio
Google Santa Tracker[52] Yes Yes No Multimedia
Google Slides[53][54] Yes Yes Yes Presentation
Google TV[55][56] Yes Yes Yes Video
HBO Max Yes Yes Yes Home Box Office Inc. Video
HBO Nordic[57] Yes Yes Yes
HGTV Watch[58] No Yes Yes Discovery, Inc.
Hoopla[59][60] Yes Yes Yes Midwest Tape LLC
Hulu Plus[61][62] No Yes Yes Hulu
iHeartRadio[36] Yes Yes Yes iHeartMedia Audio
Just Dance Now[10] No Yes Yes Ubisoft Game[63] No Yes Yes Major League Baseball Video
MLS Live[51] No Yes Yes Major League Soccer
Monopoly Dash[10] No Yes Yes Hasbro Game
MusicSync No Yes No Audio
Napster (UK only)[64] No Yes Yes Napster Audio
NBA Game Time (non-USA)[65] Yes Yes Yes National Basketball Association Video
Nebula Yes Yes No Standard Broadcast LLC
Netflix[66] Yes Yes Yes Netflix, Inc.
NFL Game Pass (non-USA)[67][68][69] Yes Yes Yes National Football League
NFL Now[70] No No Yes NFL Enterprises LLC
NFL Sunday Ticket[71] Yes Yes Yes DirecTV, LLC
Nick[26] No Yes Yes ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Now TV (UK only)[72] No Yes Yes Sky UK
NPO (Dutch)[73] Yes Yes Yes Nederlandse Publieke Omroep Multimedia
NPR One[74] No Yes Yes NPR Audio
NRK TV Yes Yes Yes NRK Video
Pac-12 Now[75][76] No Yes Yes Pac-12 Networks
Pandora[77] No Yes Yes Pandora Media, Inc. Audio
PBS Video[78] No Yes Yes Public Broadcasting Service Video
PBS Kids[79] No Yes Yes
PlayOn[80] Yes (Windows only) Yes Yes MediaMall Technologies, Inc. Multimedia
Plex[81] Yes Yes Yes Plex
Pluto.TV[82][83] No Yes Yes Pluto.TV Video
Popcorn Time Yes Yes Yes Pochoclín
PornHub[84] Yes Yes Yes PornHub
PostTV[85] (aka "The Washington Post" app) Yes Yes Yes (iPad only) The Washington Post Company
radioPup[86] No Yes Yes Townsquare Media Audio
RaiPlay No Yes Yes RAI Video
Rdio[27] Yes Yes Yes Rdio Audio
RealPlayer Cloud[87] Yes Yes Yes RealNetworks Video
Red Bull TV[81] Yes Yes Yes Red Bull GmbH
Redbox Instant[88] (service shutdown on July 10, 2014[89]) No Yes No Redbox & Verizon
Revision3[90] Yes Yes Yes Revision3
Rev3Games[91] No No Yes Revision3
Rhapsody[64] No Yes Yes Rhapsody Audio
RTHK Screen[92] No Yes No Radio Television Hong Kong Video - A la carta No Yes Yes RTVE
Scrabble Blitz[10] No Yes Yes Hasbro Game
Sesame Street Go[26] Yes Yes Yes Sesame Workshop Video
Showtime[71] Yes Yes Yes Showtime Networks
Showtime Anytime[10] Yes Yes Yes
Simon Swipe[10] No Yes Yes Hasbro Game
SlingPlayer[93] (requires Slingbox device) No Yes Yes Sling Media Video
Sling TV[94] No Yes Yes Sling TV, LLC
SomaFM[81] No Yes Yes SomaFM Audio
Songza[81][95] Yes Yes Yes Songza
SoundCloud[citation needed] Yes Yes Yes SoundCloud Ltd.
Sportsnet[citation needed] No Yes No Rogers Digital Media Video
Spotify[71] Yes Yes Yes Spotify Ltd. Audio
Stadia Yes Yes No List of apps with Google Cast support Video
Starz Play[10] Yes Yes Yes Starz Inc./Lionsgate Video
SVT Play[96] Yes Yes Yes Sveriges Television
TED[97][98] No Yes Yes TED Conferences
Tidal No Yes Yes Tidal Audio
TrueConf [99] No Yes No TrueConf Multimedia
TuneIn Radio Play[26] Yes Yes Yes TuneIn Radio Audio
TV Cast[100] No Yes Yes 2kit consulting Video
TV4 Play[101] No Yes Yes TV4 Group
Twitch[102] Yes Yes Yes Twitch
UFC[103] Yes Yes Yes Ultimate Fighting Championship
USA NOW No No Yes NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Vevo[81] Yes Yes Yes VEVO, LLC
Viaplay[104] Yes Yes Yes Viasat
VidZone No Yes No VidZone Digital Media
Viki[105] Yes Yes Yes Viki Inc
Vimeo[106][107] No Yes Yes IAC
VLC media player[108] Yes Yes Yes VideoLAN
VOA[109][110] No Yes Yes Voice of America Audio
VRT NU[111] No Yes Yes VRT NV Video
VUDU[112] Yes Yes Yes VUDU
WatchABC[74] No Yes Yes American Broadcasting Company
WatchDisneyChannel[36] No Yes Yes Disney Channels Worldwide
WatchDisneyJunior[36] No Yes Yes
WatchDisneyXD[36] No Yes Yes
WatchESPN[51] No Yes Yes ESPN Inc.
Watch TBS[113] No Yes Yes WarnerMedia
Watch TNT[113] No Yes Yes
Wheel of Fortune[10] No Yes Yes Sony Pictures Television Game[114] Yes Yes Yes Rakuten Video
Yle Areena[115] No Yes Yes Yle
YouTube[116] Yes Yes Yes Google
YouTube Music No Yes Yes Audio
YouTube TV Yes Yes Yes Video
YuppTV Play[26] No Yes Yes YuppTV
Zattoo[117] Yes Yes Yes Zattoo
ZDF[118] Yes Yes Yes ZDF Mediathek Multimedia
Ziggo GO[119] No Yes Yes Ziggo Video


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