Wales has seven cities as of September 2022. Bangor is Wales' oldest cathedral city,[1] whereas St Davids is the smallest city in the United Kingdom.[1] Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and its most-populous, followed by Swansea the second most-populous. Since 2000, Welsh towns have submitted bids to be awarded city status as part of jubilees of the reigning British monarch or for other events, such as the millennium celebrations, with Newport, St Asaph and Wrexham awarded city status through these contests. Wrexham is the newest to hold the status, being awarded it in September 2022 as part of the Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours of Queen Elizabeth II.

List of Welsh cities

Name in English Name in Welsh Principal area

(Welsh name)

Year granted

or confirmed

Cathedral Image Administrative Population[1] Urban Population (2021)[2]
Cardiff Caerdydd City and County of Cardiff
(Dinas a Sir Caerdydd)
Llandaff Cathedral

Cardiff Castle



(built-up area)

Swansea Abertawe City and County of Swansea
(Dinas a Sir Abertawe)
St Joseph's Cathedral

Swansea Beach
and The Tower, Meridian Quay



(built-up area)

Newport Casnewydd Newport
Newport Cathedral
(St Woolos Cathedral)

Celtic Manor Resort

(county borough)


(built-up area)

Wrexham Wrecsam Wrexham County Borough
(Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam)
Wrexham Cathedral
Wrexham city centre
(Hope Street)

(county borough)


(built-up area)

Bangor Bangor Gwynedd Cathedral city since 6th century.[1]
Officially conferred in 1974[7]

Bangor Cathedral

Bangor from Port Penrhyn
15,060 16,990
St Asaph Llanelwy Denbighshire
(Sir Ddinbych)
St Asaph Cathedral

Kentigern Arms
St Davids Tyddewi Pembrokeshire
(Sir Benfro)
St Davids Cathedral

Porth Brâg

City bids

Since 2000, Welsh towns have competed in a contest to be awarded city status, as part of civic honours in notable celebrations, like the millennium celebrations or the Jubilee of the reigning monarch. The 2000 contest was criticised for having no Welsh bid be successful.[10][11][12]



Merthyr Tydfil councillors voted against a proposal to bid for city status for 2022 which followed feedback.[18]


In 2024, Llanelli Town Council announced that they'll submit a bid later in the year, for Llanelli to potentially get city status.[19]

Unrecognised cities

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