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This article lists diplomatic missions accredited to the Holy See, the government of the Catholic Church and the temporal ruler of the Vatican City. 84 countries currently maintain embassies to the Holy See.[1]

The Vatican City State, over which the Holy See is sovereign, is the smallest independent entity in the world and its size renders any resident diplomatic community impractical. Therefore, all embassies to the Holy See are located in Rome making Vatican City one of only two sovereign states, the other being Liechtenstein, with no resident embassies located within its territory. This leads to the situation that the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See is based on its home territory, which is also the case for Iceland, Latvia, and Sweden. This also means that an embassy of the Republic of China (more commonly known as Taiwan) to the Holy See is located in Italy, which does not recognize the Republic of China.

Embassies to the Holy See usually do not maintain consular sections, allowing their sending countries's embassies to Italy to provide services to those holding passports issued by the Holy See. A notable exception is that of the Philippines, whose consular section caters to the Filipino pilgrims to Catholic pilgrimage sites in Italy and the Filipino members of religious congregations.[2]

Diplomatic missions in Rome


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  1.  Albania
  2.  Angola
  3.  Argentina
  4.  Armenia
  5.  Australia
  6.  Austria
  7.  Azerbaijan
  8.  Belgium
  9.  Belize
  10.  Bolivia
  11.  Bosnia and Herzegovina
  12.  Brazil
  13.  Bulgaria
  14.  Burkina Faso
  15.  Cameroon
  16.  Canada
  17.  Chile
  18.  Colombia
  19.  Congo-Brazzaville
  20.  Congo-Kinshasa
  21.  Costa Rica
  22.  Croatia
  23.  Cuba
  24.  Cyprus
  25.  Czechia
  26.  Dominican Republic
  27.  East Timor
  28.  Ecuador
  29.  Egypt
  30.  El Salvador
  31.  Equatorial Guinea[1]
  32.  Finland
  33.  France
  34.  Gabon
  35.  Georgia
  36.  Germany
  37.  Ghana
  38.  Greece
  39.  Guatemala
  40.  Haiti
  41.  Honduras
  42.  Hungary
  43.  Indonesia
  44.  Iran
  45.  Iraq
  46.  Ireland
  47.  Israel
  48.  Italy
  49.  Ivory Coast
  50.  Japan
  51.  Lebanon
  52.  Libya
  53.  Lithuania
  54.  Malaysia
  55.  Mexico
  56.  Monaco
  57.  Montenegro
  58.  Morocco
  59.  Mozambique[1]
  60.  Netherlands
  61.  Nigeria
  62.  North Macedonia
  63.  Palestine
  64.  Panama
  65.  Paraguay
  66.  Peru
  67.  Philippines
  68.  Poland
  69.  Republic of China (Taiwan)
  70.  Portugal
  71.  Romania
  72.  Russia
  73.  San Marino
  74.  Senegal
  75.  Serbia
  76.  Slovakia
  77.  Slovenia
  78.  South Korea
  79.  Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  80.  Spain
  81.   Switzerland[3]
  82.  Turkey
  83.  Ukraine
  84.  United Kingdom
  85.  United States
  86.  Uruguay
  87.  Venezuela

Other delegations or representations


Accredited Embassies in Berlin

Accredited Embassies in Paris

Accredited Embassies in Switzerland

Accredited Embassies in London

Accredited Embassies in Brussels

Accredited Embassies in United States

Accredited Embassies elsewhere

Countries without formal diplomatic missions to Holy See


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