Lithium tritelluride
3D model (JSmol)
  • [Li].[Te].[Te].[Te]
Molar mass 389.74 g·mol−1
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Related compounds
lithium telluride
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Lithium tritelluride is an intercalary compound of lithium and tellurium with empirical formula LiTe
. It is one of three known members of the Li-Te system, the others being the raw metals and lithium telluride (Li

LiTe3 was first discovered in 1969 by researchers at the US Atomic Energy Commission.[1] Research into the compound has been primarily driven by the possibility of using molten tellurium salts to cool a nuclear reactor.[2][3]

Lithium tritelluride can be synthesized by heating a mixture of the appropriate stoichiometry. It is unstable below 304 °C; if left below that temperature, it will decompose, releasing tellurium vapor.[2][3]

Structurally, lithium tritelluride is composed of parallel graphene-like planes of tellurium. Atoms in these planes are aligned to form "vertical" columns of tellurium; the lithium ions then form columns running through the center of each tellurium hexagon.[4]


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